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  1. fakefonzie

    Getting her friend to vouch for you

    Curious if anyone has approached a girl with the intent as using her as a wingwoman for her friend, I’m assuming that one would probably have to go a lot more in the “resume/comfort building” approach with no real game intent until we approach her friend. I know girls love to play matchmaker and...
  2. N

    Wingman NYC area

    Hello I am looking for a wingman to daygame around NYC area, I am just a beginner but I have done around 50 approaches and i don't have much of approach anxiety. If interested shoot me a text, my number is 646-755-0395
  3. A

    In dire need of an advise with regards to a girl who is keeping me as a side option

    Hi all, please help. I met this girl through one of her roommates. Actually almost four months ago she was having anxiety attack and I went to counsel her and that's how our conversations kicked off. Now I'm deeply in love with her and yesterday she told me that she doesn't have a thing for me...
  4. P

    Any DJs from India?

    Hi fellow DJs, I have just joined the forum (already read the Book of Pook and DJ Bible is 50% complete.). I am wondering are there any DJs from India? Bangalore? Any idea and tips from where I can begin?
  5. C

    Looking for an intermediate/experienced wingman NYC

    To my fellow players, I’m moving to midtown Manhattan on September 1st and looking for a wingman to run both daygame and nightgame with. I’ve had some great successes in recent months and am looking for someone relatively experienced to keep the momentum. The ultimate goal is to create a...
  6. Davidclandes

    Wingman failed

    Hi guys, I'm not sure whether this is the biggest failure in the wingmen history or not, but I'm gonna share with you and hear what you have to say. My friend and I got to the club, he's been torn about the break-up. So yeah, as a normal friend would do, I played his wingman for the night. I...
  7. A

    Wingman Northern Virginia Area/ Annandale, DC, Anywhere near here

    I'm 26 years old , and mexican. I'm looking for some help with approaching the ladies, and maybe even like recording each other to see what we can do to improve, i'm just a skinny guy with no swag yet. Send me a message if you're down
  8. I


    I'm a 21 year old Asian Male and I am super serious about pickup. I've been doing this for a while under SimplePickup (Project Go). I am not afraid of rejection, failure, or trying anything new. And, I always give my 150% when it comes to pickup. Hit me up on this thread if you want to CHANGE...
  9. jgoodz

    Worst or Best Wingman Ever?

    My best bud, is a friggin super model. Girls just drool over him. He can literally just sit at the bar, not say a word and have girls approach him. I on the other hand, am not a super model but I'm also not by any means ugly. I'm simply just not as good looking as he is. I feel as though ...