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    Advice for my Week Off

    Hello Team Suave! I am a 32 yo male in a large city in Calif. I haven’t posted in 7 years but wanted to ask you experts for some advice. I put a lot of effort into my career in my 20’s and it has paid off very well. However, that effort has cost my social and dating life a bit. 1. My...
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    Keep the interest during vacation?

    Hi, I (19y) recently got to know a Woman who made an internship at the place where i work. I got her number and texted her the day after. Since im on vacation now for 3 weeks (2 weeks left now) i couldnt Date her After we met. I try to be playfully flirt with her to not make her think i want to...
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    Girls who are on vacation in your city

    Regretting not pushing harder to get one girl out who I just started texting on WeChat (messenger that lets you message "people nearby") before she left to go back to Singapore. Anyway, what are the odds to bang a girl when she's on a work related trip? Does it matter whether you met in person...