1. resilient

    Loneliness is bad for your health

    According to this MarketWatch article, loneliness is just as dangerous as obesity. Mentioned in the article: - Over 42 million Americans over the age of 45 suffer from chronic loneliness (AARP) - 1/4 of population lives alone and more than half are unmarried (U.S. Census Bureau) - Lonely...
  2. AJHook

    No Facebook & Meeting Women; The Concept of Social Proof

    Greetings gentlemen, As a young prospective DJ machete-ing his way through through the jungle of dating and seduction uncertainty, I'd thought I would bring up topic of discussion which appears to me to be a new obstacle. As a 28 year old, I have been without a Facebook account for 3 years...
  3. darksprezzatura

    The Greatest Advice to Myself. [Signing off]

    This site -showed me the happiness brotherhood can impart on a man. - improved what I knew about game, frame, self-respect, self-improvement and boundaries. -taught me how social and sexual dynamics work in reality and how to go about them. I will always be grateful towards the legends who...
  4. A

    Tinder. Is dating app(s) killing day/night game?

    Title. Are the methods we used in the life outside internet no longer valid? I mean if everything goes through internet (Tinder-like apps, facebook, instagram etc...) is there a room for original DayGame (streets, shops, cafeterias, happenings etc.) and NightGame (bars, clubs, pubs, social...