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  1. P

    Any married Djs or those in LTRs, what's your opinion on using hookers?

    This is primarily to supplement the coolidge effect I have a girl I've been seeing for 2 months, she's great, cooks for me, has great sex also has a nice ass but no tits. They're only A cups and they're lovely but I am an ass and tits guy. I'm wondering about this as I see a future with her. I...
  2. S

    Wife doing 180 to save marriage

    I’ve been dating/married to my wife for 20 years. I got red pill awoke about 6 months ago and had a ton of anger and resentment. I used the last six months to get in shape, learn about game and prepare for the SMP. Yesterday, I confronted my wife about our sexless, affectionless relationship and...
  3. D

    We are married but not to each other

    Ok sorry but this is probably going to be wordy but need advice. So I have a female friend( I am male). I really have no idea what her thoughts or intentions are and it’s driving me crazy. So it is a girl I work with that at first we didn’t really care for each other. We eventually became work...
  4. pyros

    married girl

    There is this girl who's 28 and is married to a beta guy who is the majority of the time travelling around the country because of work. I met her like 1 year ago in a salsa club. I got her number and a few days later she added me on facebook and this is when I saw she was married. Anyway, I...