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    I made a new pill

    Its called everyone is a normie Plenty of AFC in the world as well as couples humans have same desires ,why need for such hate towards one another?
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    Feminism was correct after all

    feminism was right,patriarchy does indeed suck big time my mom is a housewife we depend on dad income.whenever he gets into argument with me he says who pays bill to keep y alive and mom shut up totaly bc she got no income.if divorced now theres no way lviing stabdard can be kept at curent...
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    Are Male Friends Worth It?

    Hello Sosuave members, I came here looking for insight into your individual lives to compare and contrast the value of having male friends. I'm currently 20 Years old, I will be turning 21 next week. In my life, I mainly had negative experiences with multiple male social groups. I came across...