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  1. A

    What to do if she loses interest (THE MOST COMPLETE HANDBOOK MANUAL)

    What to do when she loses interest You meet a cute girl who is pretty and fun, and everything seems to go well for the first few weeks. After a few weeks you already think she's yours, so you decide to deviate from the rules and give her more and more attention because, you think it's okay now...
  2. CyrusTheGreat

    When a girl says she think an "acquaintance is hot"

    When a girl you're dating says that she thinks a mutual acquaintance (eg goes to the same college as you two) is hot, what does it mean? 1) Doesn't mean anything. 2) It's a shyt test. 3) It's a sign of low IL. 4) Something else (please elaborate). I'm keen to know you opinion in different...
  3. J

    Should I keep pursuing or cut her off?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and can't really make sense of what's happening with this girl. So there's this girl I met a couple weeks ago through my friend and I asked her out to meet once. Well long story short, she showed up late and since I had somewhere to be, I left after meeting for...
  4. L

    Not Your Friend

    Heyo, I've been going on Meetup events lately and met, and connected with some dope people. They're all around my age and there's this one girl I'm interested in. I joke around with her quite a bit, and while I've invited her out to go Apple Picking this Sat (she may or may not be able to...
  5. D

    Keep the interest during vacation?

    Hi, I (19y) recently got to know a Woman who made an internship at the place where i work. I got her number and texted her the day after. Since im on vacation now for 3 weeks (2 weeks left now) i couldnt Date her After we met. I try to be playfully flirt with her to not make her think i want to...
  6. aritram23

    How to get her to see me more than a best-friend?

    I am 23 and have known this girl for the last 11 years and she has been calling me her best friend since the last few years. I have always thought of her as just a great friend until I started developing feelings for her 2 years ago. I feared telling her about how I felt but around the end of...
  7. P

    Why is she acting like if she doesn't like me

    Thanks for reading me! I met this girl almost 2 years ago thanks to my mom at her church (she has been visiting the Jehovah's Witness church in the last few years), and they had become very close friends. I came to US 3 years ago with my mother. The first year I lived alone, but now I've been...
  8. P

    Encouraging GF to Dress More Sexy/Slutty?

    I’ve been in a LTR for about a year now. My girlfriend is madly in love, and I’m starting to catch some feelings too. She’s about 12 years younger than me (I’m 34 and she’s 22). We met at work, initially becoming friends. We eventually hooked up about a month after we first met, after a...
  9. E

    Help. I feel i'm losing my framework

    Hi, I am dating a chick, 7 years younger than me. It's been 2 months since our first time of sex. It seems she is very interested on me. However, I do not know why, I feel i am losing control of the situation. We have talked many times, and I have tested her, I have said things such as "it...