ex gf

  1. CyrusTheGreat

    Just saw my ex holding hands with some guy

    This ex broke up with my many months ago. But after awhile I hit her up and started banging her alongside other plates. I last banged this ex 3 weeks ago. She wanted to bang me 2 weeks ago. I declined as I had better things to do. Last weekend I wanted to bang her, she told me she's seeing...
  2. ColdTony

    1st date with Ex. Need advice.

    I’ll TL/DR it as much as I can. But please soak it all up. I’m meeting my ex for the first time in 3 months. Bad breakup. She ran. I panicked. I chased. Everything I knew about Attraction and Masculinity went out the window. Calls. Texts. Tears. Begging. Pathetic. Cue depression. Found Coach...
  3. D

    Lol ex from 2 years ago is cyber stalking me

    Alright so I haven’t been too active on here, But I lurk and shyt. I first came here after my crippling oneitis (a 10) of a 6 year LTR left, who basicaly begged me to marry her for 2 years before that, but would bicker and give my shyt every chance she got. Even then, I was kinda warming up to...