1. Jariel

    Protect your Dignity after a Breakup

    Women don’t want to play mother to a weak and over-sensitive boyfriend. Their maternal nature is reserved for their babies. It’s our role, as men, to offer protection and emotional stability. Strength, dignity and confidence are qualities epitomised by the alpha male. They act as a primal lure...
  2. Masculinity

    Tupac on being Blue Pill vs. Red Pill

    Tupac's perspective of women before and they burned him. It serves as ultimate proof that even a high-value male "alpha" with money, fame, and status, women will friend zone and walk over you, if you if you're an AFC, white knight or blue pill. Gentleman, stand up for yourselves and don't...
  3. Glumix

    On Dignity

    Is your next girlfriend going to be valuable for her usefulness or for her sense of dignity? I will certainly not overlook dignity the next time I meet a woman. And I will certainly not overlook my own sense of dignity. Which is what gives me value and what gives my life a meaning, to heighten...