1. B

    What to expect as an electrical engineer?

    I'm currently doing my bachelor in EE and will do my master in a year or so. The university I'm going to is quite high ranked in europe and globally (if you wanna know I'd tell you in DM). EE is quite a broad field but Chip/Circuit-Design and FPGA-Programming look interesting to me rn. Is...
  2. AureliusMaximus

    For you guys in sales, look here..

    So for you guys in sales I'd like to share this with you guys. Yesterday this popped up in my LinkedIn feed and i thought I'd might share it with all you lovely people here on SS so that it benefit you too! :) Bruce King; He is one of UK´s best sales trainers and if you are in sales you can...
  3. bluepilled

    Prioritizing career, relationship downfall, and break-up

    Hi guys, in need of your experiences and insights with regards to breaking up. Background: 28 years old, 6'4'', I wouldn't call myself an alpha yet but I've certainly had my fair share of interactions with women (having been with around 30 of them). I am hungry for power and growth and have...
  4. GoodOne123

    Engineering vs Finance?

    So I've been working as an engineer for a few years now. Still young and 26 years old. My salary is pretty average, but way less than people that work in investment banking or management consulting. If I stick to engineering I'll afford a decent standard of living, but not amazing. I regret...
  5. Bigselfimprovementguy

    starting life after college, any advice?

    This year I will be graduating from a southern military college with a degree in mechanical engineering, my GPA is kinda in the gutters and I will do what I can this year to bring it up. I also have a bunch of extracurriculars to hopefully compensate for where my grades lack (I was never any...
  6. L

    Work stresses

    Hey all, This site has been an unbelievable resource for me over the years for generally the best advice and support so of course here I am. I figured I would ask here and see if anyone has any input. Last year I went from the trades, I have my welding ticket and did that for about 11 years. I...