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    I treated my ex kind after a breakup. DON'T DO IT.

    I want to share an insightful experience with you all. I broke up with my toxic ex-girlfriend (3 years of relationship). I was very attached to her, and she disrespected me a lot of times so she started losing interest and you know the rest of the story. It did not matter at the point of the...
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    I might have BPD

    Currently I'm reading 48 laws of power and reading law 10 (Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky) was quite fascinating, bc. it literally describes people with BPD and how they brought down others. (And therefore it says you should avoid them obviously.) This got me thinking about this...
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    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    Hello to all, First time posting here so I will do my best to keep it short and to the point. A little bit of context first, i read through numerous threads posted here and after searching for answers on the web it is an absolute pleasure to see how many insightful people are giving advice...
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    My 2year borderline girlfriend dumped me and Im devastated

    Hello, I don't have anybody else to talk who would understand me and it seems like you guys are going through the same sh*t here. So I met her when she was 14 and I was 15. During this time she was very lonely and wanted me to talk to her for at least 5-6 hours a day. I was crazy in love for...
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    Borderline Relationship

    Hello dear Friends i have been in a year long relationship with an undiagnosed Borderline (ex) Girlfriend.. We met through a friend and in the begin things moved very very fast, we had sex on the first night we met, and got closer very very fast.. i was very protective with my feelings...
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    Borderline Personality Disorder woman

    Hi there, I'm a woman with BPD. I'm currently on medication and maaajor self help/DBT. I came across this website because I was trying to get an understanding of what my behaviours look like from another perspective. I found some threads on here, some are like 10 years old but the symptoms are...