borderline personality disorder

  1. R

    My 2year borderline girlfriend dumped me and Im devastated

    Hello, I don't have anybody else to talk who would understand me and it seems like you guys are going through the same sh*t here. So I met her when she was 14 and I was 15. During this time she was very lonely and wanted me to talk to her for at least 5-6 hours a day. I was crazy in love for...
  2. R

    Borderline Relationship

    Hello dear Friends i have been in a year long relationship with an undiagnosed Borderline (ex) Girlfriend.. We met through a friend and in the begin things moved very very fast, we had sex on the first night we met, and got closer very very fast.. i was very protective with my feelings...
  3. SadoMasochrist

    Post your successful relationships with women with BPD

    Include relevant details (Ages, length, kids or marriage) Have you entered the hater\painted black stage? What you did to make it work. I have a hypothesis. No one will reply to this thread with a success story. I have some theories to make such a relationship "tolerable" but not...