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attention wh*res

  1. Q

    Dealing with a girl who has serious issues

    Hey everyone! A long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I discovered this forum a couple of years ago after the break-up with my GF and I’m eternally grateful for all the information I got here. Now it’s my turn to give back and, hopefully, I'll not only analyze the situation I’m in but help...
  2. M

    Kinda Crazy Situation with Female Coworker - Not sure how to handle

    So, it is just me a female coworker in a room at work. For perspective, she has cute smile, very feminine qualities and an athletic lean body, but not necessarily looks I would make much note of unless she was in some revealing outfit - I'd walk right passed her without much of a thought. I am...
  3. Maximus Rex

    And in Today's Episode of Mindless Entertainment...

    The gif is GOAT it's sooooo much, more better when you watch while this is playing. @ 1:16, 1:27, and 3:00 describes actually how Rex feels watching that attention whorin' yet ever so sexy ****. Holy smokes and Jesus. I think action going in that gif was Roger's inspiration for this song.