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Recent content by Xanderson

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    There used to be 5 active PUA/Seduction Forums! Now only 1 remains

    Media scandals are why they dropped off the map
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    article: Single Guys Are Really Going for It Right Now

    My ex contacted me at the start of the panic , but she dead to me like all exes ....loool
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    Single Women and Dog Ownership

    Another tale from my own experience is i once smashed a chick who let her own dog sleep in her bedroom so as i was smashing her doggystyle this dog was watching me and it was off putting ...loooool
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    Single Women and Dog Ownership

    Read a story on ROK thats a teemainal ill woman laid some truths before the grave and ine if them are that women **** their own dogs in secret ....not all but a majority
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    Daygame: Multiple Girls Set

    Groups are a mission: The ****block friend One decides to leave and the sheepishly follow Waste of time ....unless you have decent wings to keep each friend occupied
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    Why dont beautiful women have boyfriends?

    I think even if you lock down a 10 , your gonna have to accept hubgry guys after her left and right and be abke to handle that amount of attention she gets offline aswell as online
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    Do crazy girls get worse with age?

    You'd be suprised how many women are crazy or have issues especially after 30
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    Anyone here cheap?

    Yeah those plus t shirts and jeans , my look is classic no need for flashy crap or follow the trends and that junk .
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    Anyone here cheap?

    I bulk buy clothes and toiletries , drink at home before a night out and only buy one drink in the venue . Dates are in a bar , one drink then they buy next round , only expenses are for trips abroad .
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    25 yr old + unmarried women are AFCs with no game

    Women dont need game all they gotta do is ipen their legs to some simp and they are golden or tramp him some other way
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    What would you do in my situation?

    Give the cold shoulde shebwill come back plus only ask a women out twice then move on or leave her on ice for a few weeks and ask again
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    Is it normal to get blocked on snapchat by girls?

    They block on everything ...all the apps and social media
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    Women are getting fatter

    Its fat acceptance movement plus thirsty men with low standards
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    Successfully getting laid a lot and sleeping with different women after 30.

    Im 37 and still in the game ...might stay in until 45 , keep myself in shape with gym, nightlife scene etc