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Recent content by Xanderson

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    4 dates - nothing but making out...

    if you aint smashed by date 3 max .....move on !
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    Thinking about where I see "game" heading in these coming years.

    women have delusional expectations plus the me too crap and the covid lockdowns haven't helped. plus all the social media attention whoring....its a messed up world ahead
  3. X

    How many chicks have you slept with?

    140ish , coming from having to learn game from scratch( theory, youtube, pua programs ) ...and a pathetic pre count of like 4 or something
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    Was Will Smith Alpha for Slapping Chris Rock after he Disrespected his Wife?

    He's a simp chump for not dumping that W after she confessed to cheating...hitting somone won't change that fact ! FYI : It was fake anyway
  5. X

    Really getting annoyed by women's standards lately(Warning rant)

    Let them preach their delushional standards...we gonna have a future generation of pathetic cat /dog women blaming men for their own **** ups and accenting no accountability...loool
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    The Tinder Swindler reveals the painful truth about women and online dating

    77 years old and 100 matches ......men are failures !
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    father's side-effect from covid-vaccine

    Not taking it
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    Could "kindness game" really work?

    Lies lies lies ....loooool
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    She demands a 5th date out to dinner prior to banging

    You don't bang on the 3rd date max your done lool
  10. X

    Do you for go for the SNL or wait until the 3rd date?

    SNL , back in the day would go for dates but bot anymore
  11. X

    Do you guys think a 40 year old can get with a woman in her 20s?

    Lol....anything is possible , girls that young are ONS material only ...long-term nah
  12. X

    "PUA" Approaches for 10 Straight Hours, gets Zero Dates

    Depenss if hes a newbie or going thrpugh a dry spell but a veteran of a few years that would be awful stats for sure
  13. X

    It just gets worse by the day

    Any amn who pays for that **** is an idiot end off