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Recent content by ubercat

  1. ubercat

    Do you think OnlyFans is sucking out even more of the attractive maidens from the dating market?

    I think it's more the subculture bad boy vibe. Any point of difference is a good thing. Chicks r gatherers look at how they shop. Men need routine women need variety.
  2. ubercat

    Mature single woman miffed at men's profiles demanding that the woman be fit

    BTW not saying your diet has to be only rice pie. EE and Latinas also good options.
  3. ubercat

    Mature single woman miffed at men's profiles demanding that the woman be fit

    And on being good in bed - More laziness . Guys seriously if you don't know how to e.g. do a sensation rush, smoothly transition between multiple positions,finger gspot (carefully and keep your nails short) and achieve a proper mount in muff diving. Then your girl is being ripped off. And...
  4. ubercat

    Mature single woman miffed at men's profiles demanding that the woman be fit

    On the exercise thing I find what works is basic for foundation. I kick shadow box with handweights. And I have book club with my chickie. We go nature walking and play an audiobook. And chat about that. That keeps me toned. Then I leverage my passion. I go to hit up wall to practice my...
  5. ubercat

    Mature single woman miffed at men's profiles demanding that the woman be fit

    One more ride on my hobby horse. Change markets guys. My Asian gf has been improving her cooking and studying new ways to please me in bed while we re locked up. Yes she has ebooks and is literally studying. Course that I exercise every day probably helps my cred. I think most guys prob...
  6. ubercat

    Businesses that probably won't survive COVID19 (or will be downsized)

    I thought you young guys were meant to be inventive. take the chick to an action movie at the drive-in and shag her spooned that way you get to do your biz and watch the movie. I don't think I am the last of the great romantics I think it must have been the guy before me
  7. ubercat

    When mental retards lead the cultural revolution

    How the fuk did we get onto blackface. Yes that is racist. And yes the west has been destroyed by the SJWs. The rest of the world is laughing at us.
  8. ubercat

    Stop Looking at Women

    At my age well out the other side of that. I don't care. They are just wall paper.
  9. ubercat

    Stop Looking at Women

    I find 80 % of the hot young chicks give off princess vibe. No interest in feeding the monster so I look at them as I would blocks of cheese. Also a lot of them play that Chad bait game where they dress provocatively and then give u the death stare if u look. Occasionally one passes where she...
  10. ubercat

    Marriage and being faithful...

    Well we provided fruitbat with a few plays. He was smart enough to try them and now he's married to the girl and has a beautiful baby. I've been with my girl for nearly 4.5 years now probably wouldn't have made it without cross-cultural advice from scaramouche. That's why I still hang here to...
  11. ubercat

    Marriage and being faithful...

    Ok so if she does want to learn a few tricks get her one of any number of instructional vids e.g. 2 girls teach sex and watch it in bed with her. Don't expect instant results. You still have to lead. BTW sorry to ask about your wife but what r u working with breast wise bountiful fun bags or...
  12. ubercat

    Marriage and being faithful...

    You can't change the outputs without changing the inputs. Are there children involved?
  13. ubercat

    Marriage and being faithful...

    Ah ok I clocked the last post so it is relationship rescue. Well all women r trainable that's built in but u need to find the right sticks and carrots. U do need to fix this or you ll be building up a volcano of resentment.
  14. ubercat

    Marriage and being faithful...

    I don't get the problem. If the relationship is good but you just want a different slice of pie once in a while without any emotions isn't that what business trips and hookers are for?
  15. ubercat

    How to get out of her frame

    "finally got this girl interested..." Too outcome dependent. When your skills r forming it's a numbers game. Make it your mission to approach 10 chicks. One of them will fvck u. Go from there.