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    Sosuave should be the conference centre for all men

    Agreed....... never seen anything like the sosuave forum before. In hard times like this, when men are besieged on every front, a forum like that can save lives.
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    Female promiscuity is good and bad

    While this might be an option in a tribal society, in todays western society this is still cuckoldry, however you romaticize a woman fvcking around. At the end of the day ONE guy will have to pay the bill for the circle-hoe. As for the "friend circle", lets be real. Most men can count...
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    Corey Wayne....

    I only started looking into Corey Waynes videos a week ago. I heard and read the name quite a lot on various plattforms and finaly looked into his stuff. I was disappointed after only 3 videos and unsubscribed. To much bluepill.
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    What do you guys think about this

    If you dont work directly with her, id go for it. I have seen quite a lot of couples that have met each other at their workplace, not to mention how many colleagues have ****ed each other just for fun. Just keep this private, dont do **** AT WORK and it wont be HR´s business. That other guy...
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    Man songs.

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    Female Delusion Calculator

    Relax.... its just a joke.... dont get stressed out over it. ;)
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    Female Delusion Calculator

    I Got Standards Bro - Female Delusion Calculator https://igotstandardsbro.com/ Looks legit......
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    This girl took my phone and locked herself in the bathroom

    We all know it wasnt a joke. If it wasnt locked she would have been in there for half an hour, going through your stuff. What you talk to other people is yours to know alone until you decide other. Its called privacy. I locked my wife out of my phone and computer. Its all a matter of frame.
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    Most guys on here focus on the wrong things

    The woman will know in 5 minutes if she would fvck you. That doesnt mean she has to fvck you within 6 minutes. If a woman obviously makes you wait for sex, she has low interest in you and/or is looking for a beta provider in the first place. If this happens you spent your time on the wrong...
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    Wife found out Im RP aware.

    Be aware, as the bro´s above stated..... this might be the first step in her exit-strategy. Dont call her out on this though, as she would see it as insecurity on your part. How old is she? Do you have kids with her?
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    Biggest mistakes you made in a LTR?

    *Expecting that being a gentleman and "doing the right things" will be valued and respected *Expecting that putting her needs first will be reciprocated by her putting my needs first too *Listening to what she says, instead of watching what she does *Letting her get away with disrespect and...
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    Wife found out Im RP aware.

    Are you "RP aware" or are you redpilled? This makes all the difference. If you are "RP aware", you can beg for mercy and stay in your bluepilled existence. Promise her that you wont do it again. If you are redpilled, you have to pull it through now. Dont..... no justifying, no explaining...
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    Man songs.

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    Do I invite her over again?

    Neither say it post-sex. NEVER!
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    Do women think they look like that?

    About 80% of my female social media contacts sport either old (5-15 years) pics or work with filters and in the end most look online 2-3 levels better then they actually are. But lets be honest..... women in general are a lot less attractive then men give them credit for. Even with most movie-...