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    HB9 massage girl

    Don't confuse normal nice behavior that women show their clients with real interest. The best way to do this is to pretend she is a dude... if her behavior makes you a little uncomfortable, then it's likely she is interested. IOW are her actions any different than what you would expect from a...
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    Women and fat

    Being fat/broke is no way to go through life. You can either react to what is happening to you or you can control your environment. The by-product of living a disciplined life is you will have less stress which means you will make better decisions and will be healthier. Create a budget...
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    Women and fat

    Women know that the single biggest unattractive thing they can do is be FAT. If your chick has let herself go; your turn on the ride is almost over. The second most unattractive thing they can do is be a b!tchy nagging shrew. Here is a guide to let you know what is going on. Slim/Pleasant...
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    What exactlu happed in 2008?

    In 2008 we had the fiscal meltdown. Everyone adopted a more conservative approach to their lives started taking better care of their most important assets. Women intrinsically know that their most valuable asset is themselves. Just like we all stopped spending like idiots, women started being...
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    Why The "MGTOW" Movement Has It All Wrong

    MGTOW is not new... it's been around for centuries. Back in the day... men just went to monasteries, became explorers, or become trappers in the Northwest, went West from one boom town to another... or joined the military. Back then there were respectful ways for men to just not have anything...
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    Girl who flaked on first date now pursuing me

    This sort of thing happens to me on occasion. My advice is to do what you want. If you want to give her a second chance go ahead and do it... if you don't.... well.... don't. There really is no set answer to dating accept do what you want.
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    Example of a good date, just witnessed one

    Well... IMO this is getting ahead of yourself, and one of the reasons why guys have terrible 1st dates. The purpose of a 1st date isn't to nail a chick... it's to see if she is WORTHY of you. Sometimes first dates end in sex, but this is rare for me mostly because I don't push for this. All...
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    A game to get a woman Vs. game to keep a woman?

    I really don't like the term 'game', what many call game is just behaving like a man, and avoiding behavior that makes you come off as a woman. There really is not difference between getting and keeping a woman accept, if you are going to try and make a relationship work, you have to give and...
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    I am crushed and I don't know what happened

    Dude, if she was really that fvcking great you would have committed to her years ago. There was a reason why you didn't end up with her... whatever that 'reason' was it will not have changed. I lose women all the time, they drift off mostly because I will not commit to them. Often they end up...
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    How to recognize if girl wants relationship or just sex

    All women what sex and prefer a relationship. If a chick likes you, she will wear the hat you give her. So if you are sexual... she will be sexual. If you put out a vibe you want a relationship... she will mirror your vibe, Stop giving a fvck what she wants... focus on what YOU want. If a...
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    Carousel rider laments all her boyfriends not sticking around

    One of the women I ended things with a couple of years ago just had a baby with another dude a couple of weeks ago. She wanted me to commit to her, but that wasn't going to happen and I got sick of her hounding me and telling me not to wear a condom... even though I am fixed, I don't run...
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    Pook, lesson 12

    What this means you are the "King" of your life, and the "Author"of your story. Live for your truth of your life. Do not worry about the machinations of women, because if you are who you are and live your purpose, women will find you. If you are true to yourself, women who are interested in...
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    If you're a 20+% body fat CONFIDENT guy women will give you the run around after initially agreeing to a date time and place for 1st date What are yo

    Carrying more body fat than is needed is physical demonstration of a lack of discipline and self-control. Which is a key characteristic that most chicks look for in a man. You will always have a problem making a first impression with women if you do this. When I first got divorced I was right...
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    Girls just walk away

    It's both. Attraction is physical how you show up and what you look like Interest is your behavior. You are not even in the game if you do not get past attraction screening. Don't take it personal can't fit a square peg in a round hole.
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    Any british guys on here?

    You can usually get a good deal if you plan far enough out. I'm headed back to London in October on Virgin Atlantic for about $800. I never fly 1st class... that's a waste of money, I have no idea how much that costs. If you come to the US visit Texas, plenty to do there. Lot's from Europe...