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Recent content by RangerMIke

  1. RangerMIke

    False Equity

    Before you have a discussion of 'equity' you have to define value. Value is simply what people are willing to pay for something in terms of time and effort. Money is a function of time. You own property, and there are assessments... and estimated value, but until you actually sell the...
  2. RangerMIke

    Here’s a story about what “not ready for a relationship” really means

    Women with confidence will ignore this advice. Again, do you really want a chick that that is always having to check in with their 'friends' any time something comes up between the two of you? Women ALWAYS give the worst fvcking advice when it comes to men. Why? Because they approach...
  3. RangerMIke

    Here’s a story about what “not ready for a relationship” really means

    It really doesn't matter why a particular women won't chase you. If she won't chase you because she lacks confidence, this is BAD... because then everything is on your shoulders to make something happen. She has to put effort in or she will not value you. And if you happen to get into a...
  4. RangerMIke

    Here’s a story about what “not ready for a relationship” really means

    Nothing wrong with this... but you have to go in with a mindset that any one of hundreds of chicks out there will fit the bill. You just need ONE, but there is no 'one'. Date as many as you can... but you have to find one that wants you so bad that she is willing to put effort into catching...
  5. RangerMIke

    Here’s a story about what “not ready for a relationship” really means

    A man should never hear this. A man should never be looking for a relationship. If you hear this then you are putting out the vibe that you are going to willingly walk into a cage like a domesticated animal, or even more cringe worthy ASK to be branded and placed in a pen. This is one of the...
  6. RangerMIke

    Bill Gates is getting divorced lmao

    I would have divorced him for that too.
  7. RangerMIke

    What does no chemistry mean?

    It means she isn't feeling it. Most women don't know how 'chemistry' works. It's like @LARaiders85 said. Whatever it is that is important to her when it comes to initial attraction, you don't have. When you first meet a chick you are being evaluated based on your looks, perceived place in...
  8. RangerMIke

    Why do women say they love funny guys even though they don’t?

    Women like men with a sense of humor that can make them laugh: They don't like clowns. If you are good at finding humor in things happening around you, women like this. But if you are delivering a standup comic act and think humor is pretending to be a goof-ball, that's not sexy. If you ever...
  9. RangerMIke

    I still don't understand relationship

    My completely unscientific opinion... %50 are straight up unhappy, 30% are 'content', 20% are happy. Only 1/5 of all marriages at the end of 10 years are happy. Of all the married couples I know, the only ones that are genuinely happy are ones where the women either doesn't work but is...
  10. RangerMIke

    I still don't understand relationship

    For older couples... it's habit... pure and simple. They are just on auto-pilot, half the couples you see really are not happy. In many cases with people my age that have been married for 20 plus years, the woman is just a nagging b1tch, and the man has been beaten into submission with passive...
  11. RangerMIke

    The Biggest Bullet You Ever Dogdged?

    She had a VERY high sex drive... only chick in my life that would literally wear me out. I actually wasn't surprised that it happened, she used to get ticked off at me when I didn't have condoms and wouldn't do anything without them. I'm sure the next dumb@ss that followed me, just said "okay'...
  12. RangerMIke

    The Biggest Bullet You Ever Dogdged?

    Too many to count.... or even figure out which was the worst. But the last was a 39 yo, single mom with 2 boys, I dated little over a year ago... she chased me REALLY hard, I liked her a lot, we were completely in-sync with EVERYTHING, best sex ever (really no joke there), she was funny, smart...
  13. RangerMIke

    How do you keep things alive with distance?

    Don't lose emotional self-control. That makes strong men look very weak. You can't help how you feel, but what you do will drive your behavior. Try not to think about her unless you are actually with her... this includes posting on forums asking for advice. Just keep dating other women and...
  14. RangerMIke

    Name Things Women Are Incapable of Doing

    A lot of what is posted above is also true for men, it's a human thing. But women, typically (not all women) do not like to take the lead on anything. This has it's root in not wanting to be responsible for anything. You can not lead if you are NOT willing to take accountability for the...
  15. RangerMIke

    What type of women are your kryptonite

    Not when I met her... but she did age like milk in a swamp.