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Recent content by RangerMIke

  1. RangerMIke

    Girl gets upset at small crap, should I next?

    The FIRST sign things are going sideways is when you girl starts b1tching about the small stuff. The SECOND sign that things are headed in the wrong direction is the sex starts getting stale. Things like she need lube to get things going (unless of course she is an older women where lube is...
  2. RangerMIke

    I need help as I keep turning first dates into platonic hangouts, what to do?

    You can talk about work... but stay positive about it. If you love your job, GREAT! Talk about it. But if you hate your job, it's better to talk about your hobbies and interests you like. As far as trying to 'steer' the conversation towards sex... Well, On a first date.... I wouldn't...
  3. RangerMIke

    I need help as I keep turning first dates into platonic hangouts, what to do?

    I would need to see the woman's body language during the date to tell. You can't make anything to happen with any woman if she isn't open to you. If she isn't open to you (interested at some level) NOTHING you do will make any difference. Trying to create sexual tension with women that are...
  4. RangerMIke


    Spot on 100% correct. I've been practicing yoga for 6 years now. Absolutely love it. I do not go to pick up women, but there are women there to meet and I've meet and dated quite a few at class. But do not expect to just walk in and do this. You have to be a regular and a familiar face...
  5. RangerMIke

    Corey Wayne....

    I've watched several male directed relationship coaches... MOST of them will admit that getting a chick back is really difficult. They all spend time interviewing each other... and one that I saw, I'm guessing was about 5 years ago... I don't remember who was interviewing whom, but the...
  6. RangerMIke

    how do i give the hook up vibe without making them bail?

    Be yourself and let women figure it out... because that is what is going to happen anyway. Understand that MOST women are not going to be attracted to you if this is your truth. Don't lie about it. If you are not interested in a relationship, just don't say that you are.... you are not going...
  7. RangerMIke

    Corey Wayne....

    Nothing wrong with Cory Wayne except to me, he's boring.... and he talks too much, rambles on and doesn't get to the point. But again, that's me. I don't think there is anything wrong with his advice if you are a man that wants to get into a 'relationship'. Really the only thing I disagree...
  8. RangerMIke

    OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content

    The good news is now maybe these women will actually go back to work and we'll have waitresses in restaurants again.
  9. RangerMIke

    Relationship Endings

    Lack of reciprocity. When you get the first whiff that you are having to do more work to keep things going then she is, walk away. It's like the old adage of the frog boiling in water as the het is slowly turned up. I've seen so many relationships where the man is is just a beaten down dog...
  10. RangerMIke

    Got her number, but is she interested?

    We all have more of these then we would like. The more you try, the more it happens. You can not let it bother you.... just pretend she just came out and told you she isn't interested... because really that is what she is saying. It's better to learn this sooner rather than later. Some...
  11. RangerMIke

    Female Bisexuals

    I think most women are at least a little attracted to other women, it's always been that way. You see it more today because it's more socially acceptable. it isn't unusual to see a couple of young women who are friends cuddling under a blanket watching TV. You would never see a couple of...
  12. RangerMIke

    Got her number, but is she interested?

    Got her number..... CHECK. She answered......... CHECK. Won't meet up....... Flush. Onto the next one. Don't waste anymore time thinking about her.
  13. RangerMIke

    Do you think large breasts on a woman make it harder for her to find "genuine" romantic partners?

    Well... any woman that is in anyway attractive to most men have this 'problem' and it comes from how women are conditioned. I have seen this time and time again. No relationship will work unless the chick is attracted and has high interest in a man FROM THE START. If it isn't there from the...
  14. RangerMIke

    The Psychology of Simping explained - OnlyFans

    I've mentioned this before, but I have a friend who is a advertising model and musician (piano) has a Patreon account, Instagram, and a OnlyFans page... nothing X or R rated. She makes a ridiculous amount of money. Hadn't seen her in a while and met for coffee a a few of months ago. It was...
  15. RangerMIke

    Why Do Blondes Like Me More Then All Other Women?

    The important thing to know is that NOTHING happens if the chick is not attracted to you in the first place. There is NOTHING you can do to change this. PUAs and relationship coach ****tards sell men on the idea that any man can get any woman... that is absolute and complete bvllsh!t. The...