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    Dont fraud, who here FAILING right now?

    Show me a man that never fails, and I'll show you a man that never tries. I have more 'failures' than successes. The key to success is practice and effort. Also, never let set backs get to you. Just this week I had a woman flake on me... Jesus I literally have lost count of how many times...
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    Which posters can i trust?

    What people call 'game' really is just not fvcking up. A woman likes you and is available, or she doesn't or isn't... there really isn't much you can do to change that. Of course the 'situation' can change but this has mostly to do with what is going on in her life and nothing that you are doing.
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    How to handle this situation because it will come up

    This all depends on what your purpose is in dating. You should always be looking for women that want what you want. I you want a relationship, then dump women that don't want this: if all you are dating to have fun then dump women that want relationships. I will say that if you are a dude...
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    Women are not interested in men

    I do agree. I know lots of men that have their sh!t together that struggle with chicks in their lives. The problem is women judge their own status on the men they have in their lives, AT THAT MOMENT. If a woman lands a top 20% dude, she immediately starts wondering if she can do better, until...
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    Women are not interested in men

    Women today are just as interested in men as they were in the past. What has changed is technology and social media. In the past she had to try and learn about you, in her efforts to learn more about you, she has to put in effort... the more she tried, the more she valued you. Sex has no...
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    I've Noticed Women Mocking Their Husbands

    When you are married, or in a serious long term relationship, EVERYTHING is about your chick. That is just the way it is. Whatever you, her plow-horse, does is viewed by how it impacts her. Some women will go on social media and make all this BS public, but they all think it. You get a...
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    We have always had homosexuals... this is not a new phenomena. Some cultures accept this (Ancient Greece, modern Western Culture) some don't (Islam, Western Culture 40 years ago). I really don't care, I do not believe wide acceptance of gays has any real impact on culture... it just brings it...
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    Fav PUAs method and why

    I really have no idea... I'm too old (52) to pull this off now. Some of you younger guys will have t try it out and let me know.
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    Fav PUAs method and why

    Okay... I never learned this from a PUA, and it's really the only 'line' I've ever used, usually I just walk up to a woman, compliment her on whatever she was doing that got my attention and introduced myself.. then go from there. First before you do this, you have to get your mannerism down...
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    I never touch a woman until she touches first... do this and you don't have to worry about getting #metoo'ed. The funny thing about this topic is that some guys think chicks are just stupid. If you start touching a woman, she godd@mn knows EXACTLY what you are trying to do. You do this...
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    Is It Ok To Have A LTR With A Promiscious Woman?

    Yes... under the right set of circumstances... anyone will cheat. Men and women. Now I do agree that for many it would take a whole hell of a lot to get them to stray, but with women.... damn, first she has to be unhappy with the dude she is with, and other dude that she thinks is better comes...
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    Is It Ok To Have A LTR With A Promiscious Woman?

    This is important. I think most men don't realize that this is a massive red flag. Don't get me wrong, I think it is VERY important for women to have other women friends and get together. If you tried to keep your relationship chick away from her friends, you will drive her nuts... and she...
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    Is It Ok To Have A LTR With A Promiscious Woman?

    Personally I really don't care how many men a woman has been with, I wouldn't do a relationship with any of them... It is a psychological fact that it is nearly impossible for an overly promiscuous women to ever bond with one man. Sure you can 'try' and do a relationship with one of these...
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    You can't win this game with women and sex because the rules are heavily stacked against you

    I debated whether or not to respond to this... but all I'm really going to say about this is that women, dating, and sex is not a 'game' you 'play'... it's part of a life you live. Your goal should not be to 'get chicks' it should be to live the best life and version of, and for yourself. Then...
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    Just got another reply on Facebook dating. Should give it a try.

    Give it a try... it's not going to kill you.... and that which does not kill you makes you stronger. The worst that can happen is you LEARN it sucks and you just walk away from it. It's just like anything in life, a job, hobby, CHICKS,... the worst that can happen is you learn something...