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Recent content by RangerMIke

  1. RangerMIke

    Why are **** tests rewarded?

    Well... this isn't your problem is all I'm going to say. Unless you of course volunteer to take on these 'projects'.
  2. RangerMIke

    Why are **** tests rewarded?

    Being ruled by her emotions isn't dumb... because for women it works for them. If it's stupid, but it works, it's not dumb. Women do this because it works, if it didn't work, they wouldn't do it. If any man thinks that anything he 'does' will matter to a woman they are kidding themselves. If...
  3. RangerMIke

    Girl acting hot and cold what’s my next move ?

    The OP lost his cool. Deleting a chat is something an emotional chick would do. Stop that sh1t. What he did wrong: (1) Asking chicks out via social media is a poor substitute for picking up the phone and calling her. If you don't have her phone number... ask for it.... if she won't give it...
  4. RangerMIke

    She's taking it waaaaay too slow. Is she actually into me?

    Women do this because it works. She is already inside the head of the OP, so it's working. The more he thinks about her, the more obsessed he will become. It is an effective way they can screen out men that are willing to sacrifice for her, which in the woman's opinion, is what she believes...
  5. RangerMIke

    Worse legal case you ever had?

    Arrested 3 times... all charges dropped, no record. Twice I was completely innocent: one I was guilty as hell but had a good lawyer... that was in college, breaking and entering on campus in a prank... long story it was stupid and 19.
  6. RangerMIke

    Americans Abroad

    I should say that it is very helpful if you speak French. I will say this... the French, as a general rule, have a very low tolerance for bvllsh1t. This can come off as smug and rude, so I get your point. I learned French from my Cajun grandmother, so I have something of a strange accent. In...
  7. RangerMIke

    Americans Abroad

    I actually went the French Command and Staff College when I was a Major, and was in Paris for 6 months. Paris is fine, but any chance I could get out of the city and visit the countryside I took it. Every large city in the world is like this... you really don't get a feel for what the people...
  8. RangerMIke

    Americans Abroad

    I went to Bulgaria in 1995... back then it was terrible.
  9. RangerMIke

    Americans Abroad

    True. The other thing that Americans do when traveling overseas is only focus on 'popular' tourist locations... seriously... Europe is filled with history, there is almost no place that you go where you can not find something cool and interesting... yet Americans will pack themselves into...
  10. RangerMIke

    21 with 4 failed relationships - Any advice?

    The only advice I have is to not focus so much on 'relationships'. Work on you and your life, abandon bad habits, work towards personal goals, date when you have time. Then let the women figure out if they want to work to get and keep you. The problem is as soon as you think the...
  11. RangerMIke

    Inside the World of Leg Lengthening (to get women)

    Stupid, but if I was a shorter man I might think different. Height is something that is really important to chicks, and if you haven't been gifted the genetic lottery that puts you average or above in height then I'm not judging anyone.
  12. RangerMIke

    How Do You Cold Approach, When every Woman is in a Group?

    I thought everyone knew this.... You approach the group, talk to the group... then the women in the group that are interested will let you know, then you focus on her. I guess the problem is too often a man will see a group of women, pick out one in the group and try to separate her from the...
  13. RangerMIke

    Which coaches are the real deal?

    Yeah... it is part of SERE and interrogation training. But again, it only works on people that are open to manipulation. Depending on the state of mind of the POW, it can be effective given time to manipulate the person being questioned. Someone that is SERE trained will take MUCH longer to...
  14. RangerMIke

    Which coaches are the real deal?

    NLP is a useful tool when trying to treat fears as a tool set in therapy, and can be helpful for people to change the way they think about things though use of language which can subconsciously change the way you view things (like the difference between 'want' and 'need'), but there is a great...
  15. RangerMIke

    Which coaches are the real deal?

    He's a con man... here is his 'method': (1) You are the problem, the reason you are unsuccessful is YOU... you lazy fvck. (2) You can fix yourself because all your problems are you. (3) Buy my bvllsh1t books and weekend workshops. (4) If this doesn't work for you... well it's your fvcking fault...