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Recent content by Poonani Maker

  1. Poonani Maker

    Religion and Game

    Having read what I've read, I think from my experience encountering, yes, even "Mormons," is they think they know EVERYTHING or are the Authority on Ev-er-y-thing. If you've not read what I've read, how can you know what I know?
  2. Poonani Maker

    Home workouts suck donkey balls!!!

    Just bought a pullup bar to go in the doorway. Reviews say it doesn't damage the wood on the doorway.
  3. Poonani Maker

    Home workouts suck donkey balls!!!

    I considered yesterday getting a 25 lb or less Bulgarian Bag, but perusing the prices which were $200 - $300 I was like nah that's just too much for what should cost maybe $100 - $130 (what my Bosu ball cost). Would like a pullup bar that doesn't attach to the door. Starting my workout now...
  4. Poonani Maker

    Highly recommended book. I approve this message....

    The one I'm currently reading called, "It's Not Over" by Grahame Claire was kinda fine or tolerable until this morning when I got to a chapter (mid-way through the book) where ok, now the main character or focus of the Female character's love (history) is getting her onboard His FVCKING private...
  5. Poonani Maker

    The Best UFC fight of 2020 starts in 3 hours, gentlemen..

    Yeah, I've concluded that Khabib is too big for Lightweight. There's controversy over whether he really made weight - the weigher called out "155" as the scale was still on the way up. If he'd fight the top 170 fighter like Usman or Colby then I'd say he's the best that ever was 'pound for...
  6. Poonani Maker

    Should I go to eastern european countries like Hungary?

    No you'd better be Catholic or Orthodox, even then you're not them.
  7. Poonani Maker

    the dating market is awful for women................

    or female validation (when a woman calls out your name when you're entering her slick n' tight from behind it's the best female validation (very deceptive it can be...on down the road in life with her, unless her love is really you're-the-one undying for you), given you really believe she thinks...
  8. Poonani Maker

    The Best UFC fight of 2020 starts in 3 hours, gentlemen..

    Tune in. I've got Khabib by submission 3rd or 4th round.
  9. Poonani Maker

    what Happaned to Rooshv?

    ^^ I just took a 5-hour nap. He's definitely got a knack for comedy. Good to hear he's in construction. I'd wanna do that but not at his/my age necessarily, but construction meshes with his newfound religion of Orthodox Christianity, which is probably where he found the job through connections...
  10. Poonani Maker

    30% of woman under age 25 are lesbians?

    I have lesbians living behind me and to the side of me, all odd or pretty much ugly or fat (else wouldn't be so ugly). In July when I had my latest gal over to my house, I pointed out that my "they're Lesbians...Married..." in a hush tone while in my backyard. Not sure how she took it, if she...
  11. Poonani Maker

    If we were to show to allied forces back in WWII the current world...

    Our whole mainstream media, heads of corps, schools, everywhere you look where there's money is Communist. Communists genocide the 2nd-most threatening RACE in the population. They'll make their way on down leaving only the people who can't/won't fight back alive, so slav(e)s to do the menial...
  12. Poonani Maker

    how safe is rawdog sex with strangers?

    I can certainly get it up with condoms, especially the thin ones. If I can nibble around the edges of her with my tip, then that's satisfying enough, but it takes discipline to put on the brakes and grab a condom. It's a tough decision, but it's like 50% more likely you'll catch something, if...
  13. Poonani Maker

    Home Ownership and Game

    Um, read "The Millionaire Next Door," even though it's dated at 1995. You should buy no more than 2x your annual wage/salary when buying a house. I bought 1.5X my annual wage 10 years ago. Your goal in life is to lower your taxable Realized income (which means the more you spend, the more you...
  14. Poonani Maker

    If we were to show to allied forces back in WWII the current world...

    Poor USSR got genocided like a mofo though to the tune of 55 million, brutal times