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Recent content by Lordeterra

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    Tinder Game

    i know that feel. sometimes you get like 50 likes in one day others you get barely 1
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    My advice to a lot of you

    This is the same thing as guys saying that hot girl over there isn’t all that hot. It’s envy and jealous because they know they can never get that .
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    My advice to a lot of you

    I get that but in the back of their mind they desperately want a jacked good looking smart millionaire. No women in their right mind wouldn’t want that. Though some will say they won’t but that reflects on their self esteem
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    My advice to a lot of you

    they cant. Most stunners i know always have jacked boyfriends.
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    My advice to a lot of you

    good game is rare. Most people who claim to have game actually dont have the balls to do real game.
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    My advice to a lot of you

    great post
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    am i blocked?

    she looked up to me and was submissive as fvck to me. Then she started seeing another guy and i started blowing up her phone so she went to him. I fvcked up god damnit
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    am i blocked?

    this is what happened bros. I feel so ashamed. I was the alpha she did everything for. Tbh i just want her to see me as that aLPHA again fvck
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    am i blocked?

    blocked numbers dont have delivered. But mine always say delivered. But when i call it goes to voicemail
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    am i blocked?

    I have an iphone and the girl im texting has an iphone to. The messages say delivered which usually doesnt pop up if youve been blocked but everytime i call it goes to voicemail.
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    Get a dog (if you can)

    my girl doesnt want me to get a dog because she thinks it will take away attention from her
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    Brahs idk what to do

    I’m seeing 5 girls here in Nevada and 3 in California. But one girl is still stuck in my mind but I fvcked it up by being an assh0le to her. None of the other girls are as submissive or feminine and it feels like I’m wasting my time. I would trade it all for this one girl but she hates my guts...
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    Is it impossible for a high SMV man to be truly monogamous

    no man. I want one solid woman to focus on my ****.
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    The manual : What attracts women and how to give it to them

    Read the comment carefully idiot
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    I've underestimated how picky women are (rant)

    is he popular within that social circle?