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Recent content by lamath

  1. lamath

    They made me a offer again

    This is how the get you, it will never be as simple as giving you the house. There will be condition and im sure they will do all they can to use it as a way to control you. The cost for that house is gonna be too high your happiness and mental health. The easy road will only make things...
  2. lamath

    need some advice on plate , shes been hot and cold pulling back ?

    Did not read all but answer is easy. 1 up her, always be hotter and colder than her.
  3. lamath

    Message from daughters mom.........

    This is my situation with ex right now. Im happy so she is trying to get to me thru my daughters.
  4. lamath

    Message from daughters mom.........

    This 100% She is twisting things to make you feel bad, this is a gaslight attempt imo.
  5. lamath

    Guarding against Character Assassination

    Lies about others is a short term game, telling the truth is a long term game. Long term game always win, the truth always come out
  6. lamath

    Is she shady? (Tinder Date)

    It is weird af... Indication of being catfished or a serious lack of judgement....
  7. lamath

    Stigma against divorced dudes

    Not divorce but left mother of my children that i was with for 12 years I do get question about why i stayed with her for so long and why i had kids with someone i knew i was not compatible with for so long. Only answer i have is the fact i was inexperience and that it took me a while to...
  8. lamath

    Am I reading too much into this...

    You are overthinking...... This thread is proof that you are not over her. Ask yourself the question why you would want someone who did not want you? Most of the time its your Ego playing trick on you, because she left you and it made you feel like crap now you think the best way to feel better...
  9. lamath

    The world's first Chad

    Saw blackpilled......... Again some ppl looking for excuse and reason why they cant get and be happy with women.
  10. lamath

    What do girls mean by "fight for my love"?

    Dont mind thier words look at thier actions.. This is bs because theu want to put the responsability of the break up on you. And she prob want to string you along as a back uo if things dont work out elsewhere
  11. lamath

    Crazy FR and disrespect shown. Not tolerating it.

    Ive been guilty of this too many time.its like shooting yourself in the foot. Its failling the **** test imo. There are better way to handle things like this, you need to be smoother and ngaf how things turn out, you should have just told her no problem lets just enjoy this bottle and the great...
  12. lamath

    Continuous Improvement vs Comfortable In Current State

    I apologize my answer sounded a but douchy All about balance imo At time i think slowing down and enjoying yourself a bit is beneficial,but to really enjoy it , its got to be earn with hard work and dedication. Good time are good as time to rest and decompress to get back at it even harder imo
  13. lamath

    Ex contacting me after break-up

    I agree with the chip on shoulder but i think it can go away but it takes time, happened to me when i broke up over txt and she came back asking me for a 2nd chance. She brought it up a few time but in the end, thing settle down I would give her space and time to digest things, go nc for...
  14. lamath

    Continuous Improvement vs Comfortable In Current State

    Not even worth a poll imo. If you dont go forward you stagnate,not always easy to have the drive but continuous improvement is how you live a full and productive life.
  15. lamath

    Ex contacting me after break-up

    Too bad man, hope its not too bad. Who broke things off? If she is the one that broke things off she will do this to keep you around for safety, you cut the safety net and make it clear it was her choice so she should leave you alone. If you did its probably because she is not over you, you...