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Recent content by King Lion

  1. King Lion

    You will catch Covid

    Don't be an azzhole! PAY ATTENTION... Natural Immunity and not being vaccinated is statistically proven to be much better than having the vaccine. As a result, the vaccinated people that contract Covid can pass the virus on to others in greater numbers - regardless of vax status - because...
  2. King Lion

    Racing mind.

    See your doctor asap. You likely need a serotonin uptake inhibitor - aka Valium, or a similar generic version of medication like Lorazepam etc. - to slow down your overactive brain and allow you to sleep soundly. It's nothing you've done wrong, it's just something some people encounter. Try to...
  3. King Lion

    You will catch Covid

    If he were really able to fight 2 weeks later he would not have cancelled his involvement in the bout. Furthermore, less than 10% of Covid cases are fatal and having had Covid and not being vaccinated is still statistically proven to be much better than the having the vaccine.
  4. King Lion

    You will catch Covid

    Except he was preparing for a boxing match and Covid "kicked his ass" despite his double vax status so he had to stand down. The doctor in the Israeli-study video presented recent documented facts, so another view of looking at things is - Do you want a 1300% increased likelihood of getting...
  5. King Lion

    You will catch Covid

  6. King Lion

    You will catch Covid

  7. King Lion

    Hand Job MILF Ghosted - Victory?

    You're supposed to melt in her mouth - Not in her hands - .Just like M&Ms! You blew it after "a 2 years and 2 dates" when you nutted in her hand! Forget her and delete her number because she has deleted yours!
  8. King Lion


    Propose a threesome!
  9. King Lion

    father's side-effect from covid-vaccine

    Hmmm....I believe there is much truth in the above statement! "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7 Ronald Bernard was an ex Dutch banker working for the Elite of this world, "laundering“ their money. Because of it he...
  10. King Lion

    What leads to certain race(s) of guys being undesirable to women in a society in the first place?

    Adaptation to Environment & Natural Selection. When Indian males gain a higher social profile and increase their clout and numbers in the West that is when they will likely gain more attention from chicken-head materialistic western oriented females. I don't think it's a really racial thing...
  11. King Lion

    Fwb Starts **** Testing Hardcore?

    2Rocky nailed it! Chill...See her less, as your time and your seed should be valuable! When you do see her you don't always have to sex her up. Get to know her more and teach her about yourself! Pvssy, FWBs, Plates, Side-pieces, or whatever dudes like, are a lifelong obsession, so I'm not...
  12. King Lion

    Personal Trainer vs Door Man vs Club/Bar DJ

    I was a doorman/bouncer for an afterhours club that played live music and did ok. Having the ability to pick, choose, and refuse who will or won't get in has a sense of power that attracts some females.
  13. King Lion

    I just got a phone number of a hot woman...

    She has got to be joking...Follow up and find out the truth!
  14. King Lion


    Treat any woman right and she will stick around despite competition - If she really wants you!