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  1. King Lion

    Andrew Tate is awesome

    Judging by the b*tchy reactions of the clueless pseudo hard-men to this thread, it's seems that SoSuave is losing the plot and is becoming SoSoft.
  2. King Lion

    Why does it seems there's guys who do "girly activities" who get laid with attractive girls and many guys who do "masculine activities" who don't?

    Me and a buddy joined the modern dance group in high school to be near to a couple of hotties we were interested in. We were the only guys in that group and it was fantastic! Someone once asked Slick Willie Sutton, the bank robber, why he robbed banks. Sutton looked a little surprised, as if...
  3. King Lion

    How does THIS end up with this?

    He's doing just fine - He has The Prize in your eyes - You otoh have serious problems if his ability to get a woman upsets you!
  4. King Lion

    Best breakup song ever?

    'Give Me The Reason' by Luther Vandross Honorable Mentions: 'Fvck You' by CeeLo Green & 'Roses' by OutKast
  5. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    Well at last NOW she knows there is a limit to the sh*t you'll take and is feeling pain like the sh*t she put you thru! Don't call her or text her, just let her reminisce about "the good times" and meditate on the consequences and repercussions of her abusive actions and toxic talk! I'll say...
  6. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    That's a B*TCH move, Skippy! Did you at least get her to give you back your balls before coming up with that pvssywhipped sh*t?!? Why da fvck would you do that after knowing this: "The weekend I made my stand and the weekend after were amazing, even Friday night with her was fantastic. She...
  7. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    To teach people how to treat you, you do not begin with them, you begin with yourself. Chill - Let her call or come to you - Nothing will change if you keep doing the same weak-azz sh*t! What you believe about yourself and how you treat yourself sets the standard for others on how to treat...
  8. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    If you really "don't care" then do not call her and just ignore her. No one pities the snake charmer when he gets bitten by the snake! Do as I said if/when she calls you - No discussion - Just a verbal beatdown that leaves her drowning in her own tears!
  9. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    Ignore her even if she tries to get in touch with you! Let her stew in her own filth until she comes correct with a heartfelt apology and acknowledgement of her nonsense. She knows she's a nasty cvnt - So tell her! It doesn't matter what you're hoping for in the relationsh*t with her at this...
  10. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    NEVER apologize to a B*TCH that acts like a rotten CVNT! Remember how your post started: She said she got 'turned on' by your masculine energy and resolve - So don't change! Her friend showing up was likely instigated by her because all females have their peculiar kinks and feeling masculine...
  11. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    Well thought out and stated. 'The Noblest Thing A MAN Can Do - Is To Do The BEST That He Can.'
  12. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    She loves and respects you for understanding her and being real with her - Don't change, man - Keep your integrity intact. Together you two can soar!
  13. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    She has found a real man that is a PRIZE in you now, and she knows it....Be well.
  14. King Lion

    Valentine's Day: Am I the *******?

    Well done, man!
  15. King Lion

    Disasterous date sequence - post-mortem analysis for next time?

    Analysis paralysis has got so many of you incel and fvcked up it's pathetic....Learn to serenade a female with music ffs. :rolleyes: