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Recent content by kasper

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    Always having to initiate with people at work

    I think that's because your values might be different from that of your coworkers. You might be a highly ambitious person compared to your peers. Or you might be a better performer than your colleagues, etc,. Or you're straight forward in the way you deal. In my opinion, you shouldn't be...
  2. K

    Your opinion on a coworker

    I've tried hitting on girls at work, but honestly it's lot more difficult; I think the environment is more restrictive and people are not as open as they'd like to be. And your position/title also has a role to play. I think this girl is not looking for anything romantic atleast by your post...
  3. K

    A friend in need... Indeed?

    Okay Duster guy here we go. Before you post a thread or even continue to read my comment, do so only with an open mind (ready to accept various views/opinions of different people here) or else this will be just a waste of time and you'll be just where you are. I understand your situation, you...
  4. K

    Dealing with high level girl game

    In my opinion you're just thinking too much. She doesn't have any superior game or anything. She was looking for commitment and you weren't interested in that, so she moved on. Just think about it, What would you do if she doesn't get physical with you after first two or three dates (or whatever...
  5. K

    Is she shy or not into me

    I think she's just keeping you as an option. If I'm not wrong she might have even played some games with you like changing/cancelling plans even when she has time in her schedule or making you wait. My advise for you is to do the opposite, don't ask her if she's into you, don't ask her if...
  6. K

    What is the best way to invest money?

    There are several factors to be considered. Firstly, your age; At 31 you don't have much time to acquire new skillset (IMHO), you are better off improving your current skillset (what you are good at). If it's financial investments, it boils down to how much money you can invest. If you have...
  7. K

    Do you think pumping iron could really help all incels?

    Yes, pumping iron or doing any physical exercise for that matter will help incels and even non-incels. If you are asking it from a relationship perspective, an incel is better off learning and improving the game instead of pumping iron. Attraction is more psychological than physical looks...
  8. K

    Article for discussion

    I don't know how the author looks, but good looking girls have this self-destructing habit of waiting for the better guy. When a guy hits on them when they're in the prime years, they probably ignore/play games/use for validation and wait for the better guy. And if they get to meet the better...
  9. K

    Death of an AFC

    Awesome Post and amazing crack down of the events. I think the AFCs lack "Clarity of intent". If he's clear about his intent, then he'd be able to comeup to a conclusion; if he wants to spin the plate or let it fall. If his intention's not clear, then he'd keep spinning the plate without making...
  10. K

    I’m going through hell

    I totally understand where you're now bro. I assume this is you're first breakup. Read the following statement as many times you want to because that's the fact. "Everything will be fine" Trust me when I say this, when you come out of this phase in you're life; you'll be f**king invincible in...
  11. K

    How do you all manage your money?

    you can try this, put aside some percent of income 5 to 10% of your income everytime you receive your income. Keep accumulating it until it reaches an amount = 3-6 months of your expenses. Once you reach this level of savings over a period of time, you can use this amount for any emergencies. If...
  12. K

    Should I be frustrated?

    Okay Captain, Here's what I've to say. So she told you that "YOU could invite her but IF SHE shows up she will.." Couple of possibilities here. - She might be interested in you and wants you to chase her. OR - She might be just keeping you up as an option, occasionally motivating you (ex: going...
  13. K

    Never report to a woman, ever.

    Until I've seen this post, I thought I was the only one who had a terrible female boss. She always used to try to prove her power, even when it's not required. I didn't give a F*** about that anyways. Thinking back I realize how much of patience I have.
  14. K

    Should I be frustrated?

    What I've observed in the above post is the girl has rescheduled the date 4 times and you were ready to accept her apologies and date her again. After she has cancelled the meeting at the baseball game and offered you to come to her friend's birthday party, you should've given some B***S***...