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Recent content by jimwho

  1. jimwho

    Young girl suddenly goes cold on a date

    You were too old and touchy feely too soon. On top of that, she may have swiped you over to where she was with the whole "I'm sad" men pay for everything crap to get some smuck to pay her tab. How the hell was she still walking with an $80 dollar tab plus more drinks with you?
  2. jimwho

    Is there anything you wish you would know earlier when you were younger?

    That Women are the work of the Devil. And if there was a God, he would fix it so they were sugar & spice and everything nice like we were lead to believe. Additionally he would shape them like a shop-vac so we are reminded that they WILL Suuuukk the life out of any possible transaction that...
  3. jimwho

    When on a Date… Sit Beside Her or Sit Across from Her?

    I'm clearly the black sheep here. I believe it's simpler to just enjoy each others company. No worrying about boxing her into the corner or keno or making moves, showing her your bulge. Have fun, drink wine, show her your table manners, how you treat the server, banter, watch how each other...
  4. jimwho

    milfs honking

    If there's one thing I love about milfs, it's their honkers. Fixed
  5. jimwho

    Your thoughts on the latest abortion ruling

    Are saying the SCOTUS passes illegal laws?
  6. jimwho

    Your thoughts on the latest abortion ruling

    And this dumpster comment is why we can't have discussions.
  7. jimwho

    What's your opinion of when Married men says "Oh She's the boss"

    I have a Motocrosser friend that would buy a new Honda-CR250 bike every year while His wife was stuck driving the old minivan. He would have to leave the new bike at my place every weekend until it looked dirty enough to take home and pass for his old bike. They discontinued the CR in 07, all...
  8. jimwho

    What's your opinion of when Married men says "Oh She's the boss"

    I'm on motorcycle and Mtn-bike forums where there's always a for sale section. Often you'll hear let me check with my wife or the boss before they decide on a purchase. Or the most embarrassing is I'm selling the" Triumph" because the Better half says I have to thin the herd. I want to tattoo an...
  9. jimwho

    Is this too much too soon?

    She sounds fun. Sometimes pua rules do not apply. Use your instincts and go get bowling alley pizza!
  10. jimwho

    Have you ever woken up....

    Was the Dollar menu burger stuck to the pillow?
  11. jimwho

    I started seeing this girl... disappointed

    Women have been doing this since forever. Stretching their necks/shortening their feet/bone thru their nose/tanning. Makeup/Botox/liposuction/girdle... Men too. Have fun with it, tease her, enjoy the ride. Just don't make out with her mother.
  12. jimwho

    I’m getting real sick of hearing how men are inferior to women

    Unofficial best quote of the day. I will plagiarize this on my next woke conversation with someone.
  13. jimwho

    Divorce in 2 weeks, haven't seen the kids in 6 months

    Who gives a Fuq if you're eating pusy? This thread is about your kids. FACEPALM
  14. jimwho

    Divorce in 2 weeks, haven't seen the kids in 6 months

    Get your visiting rights in order. Then make it your life's mission to be the best dad on earth. And when their Childhood flies bye, the only memories they will retain is you being awesome. Try to appreciate how lucky you are that when kids get older they won't remember what was going on at 5-7...
  15. jimwho

    current plate might hook up with aquaintance?

    I don't think so. She's letting this disreputable drama make it's way to you. ON PURPOSE! I would soft distance for a while.