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Recent content by GrowingPains

  1. GrowingPains

    I Can’t Stick to my Fricking Diet! What Should I Do?

    Yo brodie. Just came to this site to tap in and see how you were. Didn't read the full post but I wanna say congrats on your progress! My man said "My friend takes me out to a Mexican dinner as thanks for helping them move: over my calories because I didn’t plan for that. I’m visiting with my...
  2. GrowingPains

    Red pill stuck in throat - First post

    I quite like women. Be yourself. But do so unapologetically. Do not try to be 'alpha' or 'beta'. Try to be what feels right for you. If you don't like the results you get, adjust it (within the bounds of your values, of course. Like @andreihaha said). Do not try to be something you're not in...
  3. GrowingPains

    MoneyMaxxing, Gymmaxing and Self Improvement in General Lead to Loneliness and Unhappiness

    Man you guys are depressing haha. Relack. Take a deep breath. Let your shoulders drop. Woosah, ufeeme? If other people didn't have a factor in an individual's happiness, why are we constantly forming community? Why doesn't everyone just live in isolation? There's a tendency on this forum...
  4. GrowingPains

    Another Sexless LTR - How to stay?

    You value sex. She clearly does not value it as much as you. -Someone posted something the other day about a list of things they do when they're evaluating a relationship. One of the points is whether they value their partner for who they are or who they could be and if it's not the former then...
  5. GrowingPains

    LYD! Hope you're well. Are you reading something from Lao Tzu? I haven't heard of him, but I...

    LYD! Hope you're well. Are you reading something from Lao Tzu? I haven't heard of him, but I like these quotes and would like to read something of his.
  6. GrowingPains

    nicksaiz65 Odyssey

    Big man ting.
  7. GrowingPains

    100 Approach Journal

    Re-discovered this looking for an old post... In case anyone ever reads it and wants to know how things evolved: It was indeed the fact that I was in my head. Fvcking like a champ these days. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to perform back then. I guess I still do it but naturally...
  8. GrowingPains

    Trouble with tinder?

    Interesting... a mod claiming he has all the answers but not offering the answer.... What's your goal here? Why don't you just post your cookie cutter method and let flow be on about his day?
  9. GrowingPains

    Trouble with tinder?

    Who's to say? You want more matches per week. But the proof is in the pudding.. you aren't getting them. So what are you going to do to change that? You're assuming that 'the average guy' gets more matches than you're currently getting... but how do you know what the average guy gets? If I were...
  10. GrowingPains

    girl at work

    If this story is real.. There's too many expectations off the bat. Dude asked if you're going to bang and run... it's none of his business. And he's talking about you sponsoring her? Wtf. Why doesn't he sponsor her? Man.... find someone else. Forget about her.
  11. GrowingPains

    Trouble with tinder?

    Delete your profile and re-make it. Make a bio that says a little about you but it's short and simple. Swipe on girls you find attractive. That's all there is to tinder. There's nothing special about it. As time goes on your profile gets less views. This is simply a marketing tactic from...
  12. GrowingPains

    Girl blocking me from her friends

    Who cares. Whatever is going on they're making it too difficult for you. It's not worth your effort. Maybe the girl you know is jealous... but which math equation are you gonna use to prove that? Doesn't matter. Other fish in the sea.
  13. GrowingPains

    Being with one Woman...

    Been thinking about this myself... I've had 2 LTR's... Went into the first one at the end of high school. Hadn't had a serious girlfriend/sex/kiss before her. Only failed attempts due to my lack of experience. I was very into her. But I still would look at other girls. Other girls would turn me...
  14. GrowingPains

    First Date, no Bang or Kiss. Do I Next Her?

    Nbd man... I was almost going to next my girl because of the 3 date rule. Things were escalating each date but no sex yet. But I liked her, so I went for one more date.... now we're doing the relationship thing. And we fvck a LOT. Basically.. there's no hard and fast rules man. At some point...