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Recent content by flowtheory

  1. flowtheory

    How would you tell a girl her perfume smells bad?

    Honesty is always the key. “That perfume smells like chemicals, it’s no good, and it takes away from you, I don’t like it, but you do you” and say it in a normal tone. Respect yourself and don’t worry about how she will react. If you’re always worrying about people’s reactions to your truth, it...
  2. flowtheory

    Lost soul, tired of all this sht

    Bad Boys have something that nice guys don't and is why women are drawn to them, over the conventional nice guy -- an honesty about what they are, as they don't cower their desires; possibly their pain and scars too. Rejection doesn't steer them. Nice guys play to the woman's wants over their...
  3. flowtheory

    She agreed to date me but does not give me her number

    Do this. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for this particular match, OP.
  4. flowtheory

    Not Sh*t Tests, Think Gambling

    John Gottman, the leading expert for relationships called this ‘bids’. Partners bid for each others attention through positive or negative means. He could predict with staggering accuracy if partners would last based on the attention gave and received alone. Tests are a game so an individual...
  5. flowtheory

    Any crypto holders here?

    Haha I don’t know too much about Bitcoin. From the research I’ve done it’s a tremendously good idea. However there is a lot of skepticism about crypto currency, as it would reshape the worlds economy, in many ways. Also I just read that it is heavily volatile. It was even higher, but has...
  6. flowtheory

    Any crypto holders here?

    $10,000 though. You’d bank on that exploding?
  7. flowtheory

    Is there any De-Alpha book?

    Couple facts in your post: 10 years of the reading material you chose yielded you your current results. You're not happy with these short term solutions as they don't yield positive long-term dividends. What are some worthwhile reading materials which you can invest your time and attention in...
  8. flowtheory

    Girl initiating texting but not meeting up?

    What was the point of the thread then? Of course it was and has been about attraction or re-attraction. You had a problem with her lack of interest, and were looking for pointers or adjustments to get her back wanting you like she originally had. But, maybe I’m off target here.
  9. flowtheory

    Why don't women reply on Tinder to me?

    Because this line has been sent 10000000 times since she opened any app to meet a guy. You put her on a pedestal right from the first message
  10. flowtheory

    cologne with pheromone spray , worth a try????

    I would pass on it. Pheromones are an individual thing. So ideally the women who you want after you, you want after YOU and your unique biochemistry which she finds alluring. That will be much more potent than a spray which has to be consistently worn to achieve the same affect that your...
  11. flowtheory

    Don’t be a *****, have some self-respect

    To add: the goal also tethered to my posts, should be to have a minimal amount of basic programming necessary. Say 5%. These women have about 90% Find a woman who isn’t from the US. At the very least if she does, hopefully she reads classical literature and understands it, and has a brain...
  12. flowtheory

    Don’t be a *****, have some self-respect

    Then look for someone not from the US if this is your belief.
  13. flowtheory

    Don’t be a *****, have some self-respect

    I believe you missed the point completely and are imputing a different meaning. I’m speaking towards their character and how they are orienting their self in reality, all the while being deluded by their own fragile ego bolstered by external validation. I never once said I support paragraphs of...
  14. flowtheory

    Don’t be a *****, have some self-respect

    Lol these women are extremely low quality and not a good example to group all women in to. They are living in their own personal hells which has nothing to do with anyone but their self. All they have going for them is their body and probably some material belongings. Some illusion of power...
  15. flowtheory

    Just Played My Top Card With The GF

    Damn. Sorry to hear that you broke. It’s never easy no matter the circumstances. The ease in which she agreed to the break up is indicative to some of your gut feelings though. No fight for saving the relationship on her end, by the sound of things noted above. Goes to show that our...