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Recent content by Fer de Lance

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    Why does success with a quality woman create abundance? And how can I manufacture abundance?

    The abundance comes in waves, usually when I have success with an attractive, high-status woman. If I have success with a woman that doesn't really excite me, and doesn't provide much more than physical attraction, it doesn't often stir up abundant attention from other women. Why is that? And...
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    How can I develop an abundance mentality, when I don't care about a physical abundance in women?

    Few women seem to have a deep effect on me, because I'm not in my 20s anymore and I've already done the abundance thing. And right now, I have a lot of responsibilities that I pour my effort and passion into. Few women really inspire and excite me, and inspire me to dive headfirst into...
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    How can one avoid getting discouraged or apathetic, after getting stood up or blown off for no apparent reason?

    Occasionally, I've been stood up from women who have expressed explicit sexual and romantic intent, and rarely, women have engaged in emotional affairs and have become emotional and intimate, blushy, and jealous of other women, only to slam on the breaks and flee when I made a move toward...
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    Is there any truth to the phrase “out of your league”?

    I’ve never paid much attention to the notion of “leagues”, but I’ve recently reconnected with a woman who is now a doctor, is stunning, and draws in some pretty high status, attractive men and women into her life. And this is one of the few times I’ve felt that a woman is objectively out of my...
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    Most women who give me attention are romantically involved, and looking to cheat or have emotional affairs?

    I’m not planning on being passive, and passively reading Internet forums. But I’m not planning on diving headfirst into pickup, and losing sight of my personal achievements and success. I’ve went through phases where I’d spent too much time meeting and chasing women, and now I’m on the...
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    Books that really worth your time/money

    Robert Greene is a fantastic, insightful writer. I’ve read a few of his books. I’ve just purchased “The Laws of Human Nature”, and flipped to the chapter on toxic personality types. Within moments, I recognized traits in people whom I spend a lot of time around.
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    Most women who give me attention are romantically involved, and looking to cheat or have emotional affairs?

    The ones who want to cheat are usually honest about being married or involved. The ones that happily dive into an emotional affair usually aren’t so honest about being romantically involved: they’ll either omit the fact unless pressed, or lie. If they’re only looking for an emotional affair...