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Recent content by Desdinova

  1. Desdinova

    “The audacity of this b****”

    That's a red flag. You are low on her priority list. Don't date her. Just fvck n' toss. A decent woman will make you her priority.
  2. Desdinova

    How to play a bad hand...

    I work with people who have multiple disabilities, and MS is a pretty common one. There are two types of disabled people; ones who succumb to the fact that they're disabled, and ones who see it as just one of life's annoyances. These two types are extremely evident when it comes to the single...
  3. Desdinova

    Don't We All Have SOME Responsibility?

    Yes, but I would say it's closer to 80% for women age 18. As a woman gets older, it gets much worse. I would say it's 98% by the time she's 24.
  4. Desdinova

    Don't We All Have SOME Responsibility?

    A bit presumptuous, aren't we? This has nothing to do with a woman's inability to consciously choose her mate. I believe marriage can be viable, but only with an undamaged woman. Sure a woman can fall in love, but she has only one shot at it. If the man she falls in love with doesn't stay in...
  5. Desdinova

    Don't We All Have SOME Responsibility?

    Well, they don't. If they did, all the jerks (and not the nice guys) would be complaining about not being able to get a woman. ...and I'll never be able to see it any other way.
  6. Desdinova

    Don't We All Have SOME Responsibility?

    It takes only one man to damage a woman. Once she's damaged, you're not going to get commitment nor loyalty out of her. She becomes a cvm dumpster. Use her for her intended purpose and don't bother entering a committed relationship with her.
  7. Desdinova

    Does your reputation precede you?

    Yes, many times. It gives them an emotional reaction. She'll be more interested in a man who gives her an emotional reaction over a guy that nobody knows. She'll also be wondering if she's attractive or interesting enough to be one of his bedpost notches. It's all based on emotion.
  8. Desdinova

    Is this normal?

    If you're not getting past the first date, you need to change what you're doing on the first date. Take her to three locations. Meet up with her for coffee and make sure you keep the conversation fun. Then take her out for an activity. After that, take her to some sort of a store to "window...
  9. Desdinova

    Girl hung up on ex that died

    Sounds like she was literally alpha-widowed. She'll be mentioning her dead ex quite frequently. The good news is you don't have to worry about her going back to him.
  10. Desdinova

    how to stop girls wanting to be your girlfriend? Jealousy

    One thing that I've realized over the years is that women can be more competitive than men. Once they start dating a man they're interested in, they realize that other women are interested in him too, so they need to lock him down to avoid competition from those other bytches. In other words...
  11. Desdinova

    So... here I am.. wondering wtf.

    The thing I had to realize about my ex-wife is that she's one of the most selfish women I've ever met. She will ALWAYS put her wants before her children's needs. That's how I ended up with primary custody. I took the child and let her keep getting all the government money for him so she can buy...
  12. Desdinova

    Are most of the people you grew up with married, have children or both?

    Most of the friends I grew up with are either divorced or never married. The divorced ones have pretty much given up on women due to how badly fvcked over they've been. The ones that are never married are stuck trying to find a 30-40 year old Mrs. Right but are frustrated that they keep ending...
  13. Desdinova

    So... here I am.. wondering wtf.

    The problem I had when I was living alone was that I felt that I should be surrounding myself with people and that being alone wasn't natural. I actually had to sit down and think about being alone. When I realized that I actually function very well alone, I started to embrace the times when...
  14. Desdinova

    Do alpha widows ever get over the alpha?

    Fvck and toss. They are permanently damaged.
  15. Desdinova

    I start to believe that tattoos are a good benchmark to measure women and cultures

    Good post. I find the amount of tattoos a woman has is a damn good indicator of how damaged they are.