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    Been seperated for 30 step

    Counselling is just a way to drag out the ending of a relationship. In most cases, the couple doesn't stay together. It's not often that I hear counselling has helped someone's relationship. Just like in divorces where the lawyers are the true winners, counsellors are the ones who win in the...
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    Its really true what they say about your mid 30s

    Yup, I can relate to that. When I was in my 20s, I was always excited to have a new female in my life and wonder where it was going to take me. In my 30s, it turned more into "I wonder what ways this chick is fvcked up".
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    My gf broke up with me for the dumbest reason

    I've dated lots of women like that and none of them were good marriage material because they were selfish, had male orbiters, or weren't respectful.
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    My gf broke up with me for the dumbest reason

    Inexperienced and naive women believe love conquers all. There aren't many left by the time they hit age 20.
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    So over it.

    When a woman puts her hopes and dreams inside a box and ships it from man to man, over time the box gets the 5hit beaten out of it and has it's contents damaged. None of it is going to heal itself by learning lessons about the postal system.
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    My gf broke up with me for the dumbest reason

    Why would you want to marry this woman? She sees her dog as being more important than you. She will treat you like that if you were her husband. I shall repeat myself... Find a woman who believes love conquers all and marry that one.
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    My gf broke up with me for the dumbest reason

    Well, that's good then. She can get rid of her dog and enjoy his. Show me an animal who doesn't do that. His dog won't have a reason to act like that if hers is gone. Why is this awful advice? It's his life and he should dictate how he wants it. Again, his biggest mistake was not doing it...
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    Rollo nailed female concept of loyalty with a brief line on twitter

    Girls generally get one-itis only once in their lives. They get it for that first guy they either never shut up about or constantly compare their new men to.
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    Practice what you preach?

    If I have advice to give, it's because I've already lived it or I see a pattern.
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    How many people here have enemies?

    I have a few. Ex-friends, ex-GFs, and my ex-mistress's (now) ex-husband.
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    My gf broke up with me for the dumbest reason

    Maybe his dog suspected she was a piece of 5hit and is trying to protect him. I'd be buying that dog a steak. He shouldn't have needed to ask her to give up the dog. She should have volunteered to do so after learning that he didn't like her dog. Dogs don't live for 70 years, people do. If she...
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    My gf broke up with me for the dumbest reason

    Nope. ...And is it a good idea to shack up with a single mom? Someone could easily say that about choosing a bf over a male orbiter. I have yet to meet a woman who completely possesses "logical sense". All women make decisions according to how they feel in the moment. If she was serious...
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    Alcohol Is Ruining My Game!

    I don't think I've ever incorporated alcohol with my dates early on. I always felt like it cheapens the whole process.
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    The Fall of Feminism

    This thread looks to be done.
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    i'm an online SD and im lovin it :)

    I had to double check and make sure this wasn't spam... I'd rather spend my money on things other than undevoted wh0res. You're doing it right if they're the ones spending money on you. I work with disabled people. The only ones who can't get laid are the ones who let their disability define...