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  1. bat soup

    Women and their filters

    Here are the things I noticed: Face-only photos/photos taken from a wierd angle: she's a big fat land whale Filters/strange effects: she's a butterface (very common in Asia) But then again, even if the photos do look natural and good, there's another thing to watch out for: the woman that...
  2. bat soup

    Women and their filters

    Has anyone else been tricked into meeting up with butt-ugly women? I remember one girl who looked like a 10 in her photos but was a 4 in person. Face covered in blemishes, jagged teeth etc. I just couldn't believe it was the same person, but when I looked back at her photos I realized it was...
  3. bat soup

    Are these all signs of Gaslighting?

    No. Gaslighting is actually a form of street lighting that went out of fashion in the 1930s.
  4. bat soup

    Reddit 'women' are going crazy over the abortion news

    Nutters gonna nut.
  5. bat soup

    Your thoughts on the latest abortion ruling

    The important thing is that you even if you have to travel to another state to get the job done, as soon as you cross the state border you can still stop at a McDonalds and order an Egg Mcmuffin.
  6. bat soup


    That didn't last long, did it? I thought you had found "the one". If I were you I'd just move to Japan for a while.
  7. bat soup

    This guy needs even more help than I do

    My advice would be to move to Chicago.
  8. bat soup

    Thinking about where I see "game" heading in these coming years.

    They will all come with remote controls that you can use to turn down the level of biitchiness. You can turn it up to the max when you're out to deter porch pirates.
  9. bat soup

    Most stupid things said by PUAs

    I always thought that Rooshv wasn't really a pickup artist. He didn't really have any special techniques. He just went to countries where getting laid was easy and then wrote about it.
  10. bat soup


    Men generally want a serious relationship with one woman, and as much sex as possible with hundreds of others. Since those two desires are mutually exclusive, sooner or later in life men are forced to choose one path or the other or.... to do what most people do and lie.
  11. bat soup


    Just keep banging her for as long as it lasts, then move on. You had her best years. Let some other schmuck deal with her as she declines and heads towards the wall. Someone else is driving my old BMW now. Last I heard, it was going to be exported to West Africa. Hopefully they'll enjoy it, but...
  12. bat soup

    Thinking about where I see "game" heading in these coming years.

    I looked in my crystal ball and I saw that in the year 2085, men will be able to purchase the realistic sex doll of their choice that is willing and able to do absolutely anything without giving them any attitude. Women will only be able to procreate with poor men that can't afford a robot.
  13. bat soup

    Women outnumber Men in the real world

    There are plenty of holes out there, but how many of them are wet and worth drilling?
  14. bat soup

    Most stupid things said by PUAs

    He's like a door to door salesmen, selling his penis. "Hello, madam, could I interest you in some DIK today?" "May I ask why not?" "What if I throw in a free coffee?" "Here's my card. If your husband leaves you, give me a call"
  15. bat soup

    I have been Friend zoned

    Make sure to block her on every form of communication and never speak to her again.