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Recent content by bat soup

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    So wtf happened this time

    I don't think verbalizing gets you very far with women. That's just giving them information that they can use against you. What you really want is to get information from them about their interest level and the only way to do that (because talk is cheap) is by meeting them alone and then...
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    If she only sees you or asks to hang out at night....

    Are you a warewolf or a vampire? That would explain it.
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    So wtf happened this time

    You forgot to ask her how much she weighs.
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    Contributing to someone "breaking with their beliefs"

    Tell her that just the tip is not sinful.
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    Forum content just getting worse

    It's getting worse. Not only people are complaining, but people are complaining about people complaining. And now here I am complaining about people complaining about complaining.
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    What should he do

    He needs to get on the next flight to Bangkok
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    You will catch Covid

    Thanks for the advice. From today onwards I will stop wearing seatbelts or looking both ways before I step out into the road.
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    Instragram Scammers

    I thought this was pretty interesting. It's a good example of how women can monetize their armies of orbiters and simps: How These Instagram Models Trick Their Simp Followers - YouTube
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    How to proceed here

    Ask her. Don't waste time beating around the bush and waiting for her to tell you.
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    Has this Ever Happened to Anyone else?

    There are some women on there just to get free dinners and attention. Those women match with everyone and stay there for years.
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    Girl you’ve been seeing ex calls her out of the blue

    I'd say "Oh really?" and ask what he said. If she's telling you, it's probably not a bad thing. If she was interested in getting back with him she'd just meet the guy in secret without telling you anything about it.
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    You will catch Covid

    It's not a choice between vaccination and natural immunity. You can get vaccinated and then, if you do get infected, you will have a much lower chance of multiple organ failure/death/long covid AND you will then have natural immunity without taking all of that unnecessary risk. This is...
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    You will catch Covid

    OK. So you are superman. You should have told me earlier. Obviously a non-human cannot catch a human illness.
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    Why do women go back to an ex who beat them?

    That's not alpha at all. That's "beat her".