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Recent content by BaldandBrazy88

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    That 420/ that puff puff and pass.. read this

    AMEN to that. Truer words have not been spoken. '' the system is set up to eliminate the people who question that system too much.'' SO TRUE brother. I struggle with this as well in my job and other areas. Good subject to post on a tread
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    That 420/ that puff puff and pass.. read this

    indeed my friend, im studying to become a lawyer.... Needless to say the two dont go together
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    That 420/ that puff puff and pass.. read this

    UPDATE: got right back to it, by using a '' different '' way with a vaporizer. With ''cleaner'' weed. I have been clean for a few days and the differences are notable. Better mood, more productive, stronger erections.. its a demon in disguise that keeps hunting me but im getting detached slowly...
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    Doubting on how to act towards girlfriend.

    Most definitely bro... It's in all us men to try to fix what's broken, to figure $hit out... Sometimes it's best to let it be
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    Doubting on how to act towards girlfriend.

    So glad I'm red pill after reading all that crap. Ty. Here where you f**cked up Trying to get rational with a non rational being Asking for the second time Being moody about her not answering Still going on the date after her wrong behavior You losing all frame and acting feminine Ps: she your...
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    Alpha male strategies on YouTube.

    The GOAT.... Will give it to you raw, some pills are hard to swallow. That's why his detractors and the purple pill guys will have some to say
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    Bizarre Communication - Finally Cut Her Off

    With all the respect brother... KNOW YOUR WORTH
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    That 420/ that puff puff and pass.. read this

    I appreciate all the responses. Hope this helped any young buck that might be lying to himself talking about '' i got it under control''.
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    That 420/ that puff puff and pass.. read this

    From a pot heads mouth, my take on weed: I started smoking when I was 11 years old. 25 now.. So, there. I''ll lay out the pros and cons, you decide if its worth it Pros: * get to know some interesting people * girls 18-30 are super open now to smoke & chill aka go somewhere and get blazzed and...
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    Meeting/f**king new girls during quarantine

    Ey there brother, well even tho I've been against OLD and more '' get my act together first'' I got back to tinder since things are opening again and will be open fully in July where I live so I think a go is worth trying. Let this girl who was playing games a month and so ago and have been...
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    Best literature for self-improvement

    A Classic. A bit long for non-payment readers , but greatly explained and different examples. With love to see a newer version based on today's tendencies, but again Robert is not a pua haha no need for him. To do it
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    Learning Spanish quickly and efficiently. Is this possible?

    I literally posted about it, learning new languages not to long ago... Hello Talk, it's an app, download it
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    Chick laments that COVID has forced her into celibacy for a whole month!

    Was going to say that, where TF you found this bs.. how you come across something like it. I mean whyyyy? Lol
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    Rate this and help me improve .

    I swear to God 90% of this question would be solved if these guys watched AMS on YouTube. Not promoting anything, but in a nutshell what he says and these guys don't get is that we are the prize. My man right here talking about " a plate" but later on said " talked long hours on the phone"...
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    Since you can't quit OLD.....

    Agreed with everything my friend.