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Recent content by Baibars

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    Lost custody by court order

    It means i still have to pay for them but i have basically no say in anything. I'm not even allowed to take my boy to the barber. Just nothing. I'm only allowed to see my kids every other weekend that's it.
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    Lost custody by court order

    Yes i had almost no contact with my ex after an incident where she refused to hand me out my children the 999th time. She was mentally hurting me by using my kids and i was constantly dependent on her so i decided to stop talking to her and get a lawyer to get a visitation agreement for my...
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    Lost custody by court order

    I lost custody of my 2 children ( 8 and 4 yo) even though I don’t do drugs/violence or anything like that. I used the word custody because I couldn’t find a better English word for it. Here in Germany I’m still allowed to see my children every other weekend but they took all my parental rights...
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    Did my ex just insult me or am I overthinking things

    you’re overthinking if you think of your ex or anything that has to do with her for more than a minute
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    Spent the night with girl without having sex - best way to proceed

    @coyote_astro take all the advice given to you but don’t be too hard with yourself. Some guys here are really exaggerating. You can definitely sleep at a girls place, not have sex and she can still give you more chances. i couldn’t get hard the first time with a girl I’m seeing now ( made a...
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    I hate to care about women

    at the moment I’m seeing a girl and she treats me well. I text with another girl and she’s down to meet me the first time this week but I still get rejected a lot by women. just today I was flirting back and forth with someone on a dating app and when I asked her for her number she unmatched...
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    Future Zoom debate with Pan87 - All are invited

    Pan87 is too alpha. I doubt he will react to this. He has so many women in his rotation that he can’t waste time on betas.
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    Sosuave is going downhill.

    Rude cashier was the best
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    Looking down her phone

    I think the main problem many men have is that we take women to serious. We should just enjoy the time with them. She has a list on her phone, she does this and that… even a girl that seems to be a good girl could’ve been another man’s ***** before. Most times we don’t know these things and by...
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    I think this girl I’ve been interested in found a beta provider

    I think he’s the alpha and you’re the beta watching her from distance how she’s getting railed by that guy.
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    cashier ioi (indicators of interest)

    Yea it’s most likely a **** test bro
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    Rude cashier

    she was just ****testing you. She probably just wants sex and tested you if you’re worthy enough brow
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    Do all women lose respect?

    All women I dated lost respect and didn’t tolerate much after a while. Some after a few weeks/months, others needed longer but eventually every girl stopped respecting me and tolerating things I did/said. If a woman is into you in the beginning she doesn’t care if you treat her poorly. If she...
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    They always come back around

    and only for selfish reasons. They never come back because they understood what they did wrong. Some guy probably banged them and left them. Now they feel sad and want your empathy or something. It’s always about her
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    How would you handle a male neighbor getting too close to your live in girlfriend?

    Tell her son that the neighbor is trying to fck his mom