She contacts after several months - how to play it?


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Aug 27, 2018
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It’s not weird at all.. nothing is going on in her life so she’s trying to fvck you over (again).

Don’t let her. Ignore is your only response. If you have a woman already, you wouldn’t even be thinking twice about whether to respond.

Don’t give in. Let her dwell in whatever he’ll she has already made for herself.


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May 28, 2012
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I will reply in bold

Last January to June I was hanging out with this girl, we really clicked but it was six months of pretty extreme hot and cold. Why would you waste 6 months of your life on someone who is hot and cold? if she was interested, she would have been in your bed by the third or 4th date. She would make bold statements like "I've never felt like this about a guy before" while keeping me at arms length with excuses like "been single so long don't know if I can let someone in". Push-Pull. Keep you confused, but hopeful so you keep the attention coming and don't walk awayAt one point she went from "I want to give things a chance" to "I don't know what I want" in a 48 hour window. Push-Pull, or straight out nutjob. RUN! Claimed no sex until marriage HUGE RED FLAG and DEAL BREAKER. and did seem somewhat sheltered. Really enjoyed her company so I didn't care about the sex part. HUGE MISTAKE ON YOUR PART. DON'T BULLLSHAAT US, EVERY MAN CARES ABOUT SEX, YOU ARE JUST TELLING YOURSELF OTHERWISE.Things fizzled out in June, I made a comment she didn't like (hyper sensitive type) and she said it's fine don't worry about it, but didn't respond to a text or two after that so I quit reaching out.

Mid-August she texts out of the blue, acting flirty and excited to speak to me. NEEDED ATTENTION, AND HOPED AFTER 'BEING PUNISHED' YOU WOULD TAKE THE BAIT AND ASK HER TO MARRY YOU.After a playful exchange I invite her to meet up. She ignores the text. I shouldn't have but the next day I double texted and playfully teased/negged that she was a horrible communicator. She responded immediately apologizing with a list of excuses but I didn't reply. Nothing further between us. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON THIS ONE.

Fast forward to a few days ago. She again texts out of the blue saying "I hope you're doing well, I was doing X and thought about you and blah blah". Had to do with something we had in common and used to do. We've exchanged just a few messages and this time I kept them more indifferent and did not ask her to meet up.

So why has she suddenly reached out again, and what's the best way to play it? Use this as a window of opportunity to start texting and engaging her again, or let her keep coming to me?


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Nov 23, 2005
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Miami, FL
I would act cool and treat her as she isn't **** really. You can't treat them with kid gloves - if they ghost on you for whatever reason it's because you aren't a high priority obviously. Yes, sometimes people get busy and you may not hear from them but you know what I mean and should differentiate between the two. So if that is what they pull you have to do the same, be polite but show them you don't *need* them through your actions.