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My convo with an ex pimp: Alpha widowing is a hell of a drug


Senior Don Juan
Jan 2, 2022
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I just saw this thread.

Yeah 100% true, I think I've said similar things before.

All of this is a natural thing that many non-pimps can attain by:

1. Just let go of monogamy in your head. Be close to multiple women and try to make them all happy.
2. You have to be a pimp not a trick. That means women will have to bring something into your life other than sex and love. This will be money, a place to live, social status, other girls, basically it cannot be a dead end and must increase through the women. She cannot limit the positivity you receive, she has to increase it, hence she will have to be able to share you in ways with other women.
3. Ditto on the flip side. You can have 10 chicks and be a pimp, if every girl cheats every few years it is still a good deal for you.

An Alpha Widow can be resurrected and Widowed a second time, but only by a BETTER Alpha.