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With the weight of the idea that she is crazy, a slvt or a bad human being, you can never swim out. You are stuckfor life.

Look at everything thing that’s happened to you. Write them down. Then go over them and over them until they no longer matter. Then come to the realization that your ideas would never of worked and that you did it all to yourself by trying to make it like the programmed vision you had in your head.

That vision was never yours to start with. It was given to you. Just because one smiles and professes love when they hand you a bag of $hit doesn’t mean you have to take it.


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Just laugh it off. If you see your partner flirting too much, just smile and hit her with "I didn't know that we were in an open relationship.... Cool!". Then go do your thing. Usually there will be one of two types of outcome. Either are better than feeling jealous and bitter.
Yeah. I’m ok with this approach. Of course the feminine shaming tactics will surface and you will be shamed for being jealous and controlling.
It’s perfect. Just suggest that as a couple you become swingers.

Oh you mean it’s just her that should be able to swing? Lol
Nah. Just toss her in the nearest dumpster and move on.