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How would dating be in a completely feminized society?


Senior Don Juan
Oct 29, 2020
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San Diego is not a healthy mating environment. There's a large military presence near San Diego. That makes San Diego a sausage fest. While most U.S. cities in the Western half of the country have a surplus of single men in the 20s/30s age range, the problem is severe in San Diego.

Bars in San Diego would not be the best reflection of the populace of an area since bars in general tend to be more male than female. That was part of why I shifted from night game to day game in the early 2010s. I wanted to make ratios work to my favor. However, that does not discount your experience. Based upon the ratios in San Diego, there are going to be a lot of unmatched men and many of them will adopt MGTOW. However, MGTOW is not that common. Most of the unmatched men will be blue pill simps make massive efforts to get scraps of vagina.

There is some good vagina in the Mission Beach and Pacific Beach neighborhoods of San Diego. It's a competitive scene since there are a lot of in-shape military men in the area and other hardcore fitness types guys there. Many women in those neighborhoods of San Diego make sure they keep a good outward appearance. These generally fit women are hard to tie down since they can get mostly anything they want due to the surplus.

There's not a strong sense of feminism in San Diego, but it's definitely a market that is skewed strongly in the favor of women.
Mission beach and Pacific beach sound like great places to live.
I love being surrounded by fit people who take care of their appearance.
Its supposed to be the ideal year round climate in San Diego.
My cousin went on vacation there and took lots of pictures of views from a bike path.