Discreetly creating competition (letting her know you are dating other women) as a tactic

Amante Silvestre

May 8, 2007
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So how do I fix this now that i texted her that like a clown?

If she gets in touch before you see her again at work, just throw an offer out to do something together.

If you dont hear from her until then, hit her up with a smile and throw an offer out to do something together.

Yes, no... whatever. It’s all good.

Just LIVE.

If she wants back in she’ll get back in. If not, you’ve got other options. You don’t have to put a neon sign out.



Senior Don Juan
Nov 2, 2014
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You were right, crashed and burned, see my other posts about her response (basically laughed at my c&cky funny opener and said she can't hang out this saturday and we can be friends (English is not her first language so I'm paraphrasing a little here) and to have fun with my friends on saturday. She may have been interested before and got spooked that I was going to hurt her after my attempt to make her jealous. She may have just been doing it all for attention. I am not sure, and none of us can be sure. I do find it odd that she got my number from her friend, went out with me, and that she agreed to cook us dinner prior to all of this. I think she might have been interested but I mucked it up with my previous jealousy tactic text. I just know/hope I have learned this lesson once and for all. Thanks guys.

I'm not sure if I should go out of my way to not let her see me with another girl that I'm dating who I bring to the office a lot, whether I should say anything back like I agree, or just let it be silent. I don't think I will pursue her at all at this point, her message was pretty clear.

Man it's been a long time a woman has said let's be friends to me. Though I guess in a way any woman who rejects you is saying that really....it's just that in this case I pursued her looking for a clear answer.