younger girl

  1. D


    I recently started a relationship with a new woman. She has been great and is a sweetheart. She and I have talked about having a threesome and including another woman. My Girl is in her early 30s . The girl we are considering is 24 years old and is a former fitness model. She is really hot. I...
  2. S

    She's hot and cold

    Hey guys, I'm having a lot of trouble with a girl that I'm seeing. We dated for two months before Christmas and everything was going very well. We met a lot of each others friends, studied together at school, had awesome sex, went on road trips together, and so on. However, a week into my...
  3. jcjetty

    advice on boyfriend objection from much younger girl.

    Hey my name is Jay, I'm 45 two kids and one ex wife on the way. I'm pretty fit and don't look my age. But I was surprised when a younger girl, in her twenties, kept checking me out. Even my 13 year old son said dad she is into you. So I said I don't know what your schedule is like but why not...