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nice guy

  1. Protonym

    Help an AFC: Safe Boundaries For Seeking Rejection

    I'm an AFC and don't want to be. Upbringing was "If you want the girl- open doors for her, keep a respectful distance, don't 'lust' after her, (etc...), and she will keep going out with you until you fall in love and live happily ever after." These are the following problems I suspect I need to...
  2. P

    If your woman cheat on you, it's your fault?

    Hi guys, thanks for reading! My biggest fear in a long term relationship with a woman is that she is with you not because she truly likes you, but because she doesn't want to be alone or because at first she saw something 'interesting' in you. What happen if she meets someone more interesting...
  3. Berom

    Religion conditioned me to be an AFC.

    I realize there are many variables to consider when wondering how one is conditioned to be an AFC/"nice guy". However, in my case, I believe religion (Pentecostal Christianity in my case) has played a significant part in this paradigm I'm trying to break myself out of. I've seen a couple...