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  1. Cerwin Vega

    How to lose weight in 2 simple steps

    1. Eat less than your what body needs. 2. Stay persistent with step 1. It all comes up to this. Any sort of diet, meal plan, or lifestyle will try to achieve is this: CICO (calories in/calories out) below 1.0. Everything expensive diet or technique built around this idea, and tbh, they're just...
  2. Aurora Demon

    Aurora Demon's - Diet & Nutrition Journal

    To note: I have 4 personal trainer's certifications, 2 were not online. And I've had 3 professional sessions with dietitians. I've read and taken classes on diet and nutrition along with learning from more well-versed friends and colleagues. My minor in college was on this topic. Okay, so I've...
  3. touma.akagi

    Do you eat breakfast? If so, what do you usually have?

    Breakfast has been one of the most controversial meals in any social circle I've been in. Some people insist on eating it daily, as it's quite important, others skip it almost always and just have lunch and dinner, still others eat 5+ meals a day which no doubt means one of them is breakfast...