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26 yeard old virgin

  1. J

    Is $ 20 too cheap for a hooker

    Some friend i met recently asked if i had any gf. Told him no. In fact i haven't ever known any woman before and now I'm fed up,want to bang any chick. He told me that there's a Thai hooker who does a session for 20 bucks for the 1st time. From 2nd time and onwards price jumps to $80. Asked if...
  2. Protonym

    Help an AFC: Safe Boundaries For Seeking Rejection

    I'm an AFC and don't want to be. Upbringing was "If you want the girl- open doors for her, keep a respectful distance, don't 'lust' after her, (etc...), and she will keep going out with you until you fall in love and live happily ever after." These are the following problems I suspect I need to...