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Recent content by zekko

  1. zekko

    Being with one Woman...

    I've been in a monogamous LTR for quite some time now, and I can tell you that I still notice when there are new attractive women around. i find them quite attractive and exciting, but I don't act on it. It's okay to appreciate a woman's beauty IMO, and that urge is never going to go away...
  2. zekko

    Do you think big-bellied, champion weightlifters are incels?

    I've always been a little leery of heavy duty ab exercises, because I've heard your ab muscles may grow out instead of flat. Which results in a barrel shape instead of the V taper that is desirable. I've seen a lot of heavy lifters who have that apple shape. Some eat badly, but I'm sure for...
  3. zekko

    Something new I've noticed in the Covid era

    I've never noticed that women stopped wearing perfume. Maybe they learned that they shouldn't cake it on. If you're just out and about in public, you shouldn't really smell someone's perfume unless they have too much on. You can smell it if you're in close quarters or intimate. Maybe with...
  4. zekko

    Ahah recently saw the movie "unhinged"

    Interesting choice to make the victim/heroine a self centered jack@ss.
  5. zekko

    Religion and Game

    Lynx, I find your post refreshing because it shows an example of a woman seeking a man with good moral values. Most of the PUA community seems to think you have to be a sociopathic manipulative drug pushing thug serial killer in order to attract women. As corrupt as the world is today, you may...
  6. zekko

    If we were to show to allied forces back in WWII the current world...

    Reminds me of this Halloween PSA. Spoiler alert - the girl dresses as Batman and the boy dresses as Wonder Woman . The parents look on proudly. It's amazing how the LGBTQs like to focus their agenda on the children - get them when they're young. Even more amazing that people are just fine...
  7. zekko

    30% of woman under age 25 are lesbians?

    I don't know about all women, but certainly many. Put another way, women are more open to bisexual experimentation than men are. Not surprising, since women have more erotic bodies. The increase in the number of young women who identify as lesbians are IMO a direct result of the LGBTQ agenda...
  8. zekko

    Value in Intending to Approach, but Not Actually Approaching?

    That's a way to exert dominance, to be the alpha. I'm surprised that there weren't a whole lot of wanna be PUAs back then who were getting their @sses beat regularly, or worse.
  9. zekko

    If we were to show to allied forces back in WWII the current world...

    There seems to be a strong sense of entitlement today and a warped sense of reality. If life is hard in any way, if a life of fame and luxury isn't handed to them with a lap of luxury, then obviously someone is to blame for it, and they need to find that scapegoat.
  10. zekko

    Value in Intending to Approach, but Not Actually Approaching?

    Ha, I used to read a lot of stuff about approaching a girl, putting your back to her and talking to her over your shoulder. I get what they were going for, but it's pretty asinine when you think about it. I also felt that a lot of advice didn't apply to me. Most advice seems to assume that...
  11. zekko

    Home Ownership and Game

    I know a guy who lives in a duplex, but he lives in both parts of it lol.
  12. zekko

    Value in Intending to Approach, but Not Actually Approaching?

    Oddly, after too many years of reading this kind of seduction material, I feel like I am more inclined to not approach a woman. Because I don't want to feed her with validation. This is like a red pill overdose, and I don't think it's a healthy mindset. I remember a thread not long ago and a...
  13. zekko

    If we were to show to allied forces back in WWII the current world...

    I doubt if it would make any difference. I'm sure people back then would be appalled with a lot of the modern world (athough the technology is cool), but it wouldn't change things for them back then. They had to live in that world, and Hitler had to be dealt with. Certainly after Pearl Harbor...
  14. zekko

    Covid will lead to UBI, the wet dreams of big gov

    But during that time the CDC was not recommending that people wear masks.