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    ME AGAIN! Question about a past ghoster

    Fear of intimacy, maybe birth mark, burn, some kind of perceived physical defect.
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    Ok it happened... am I ****ed?

    Murk you are as good as married now. Run to the woods and come back on 10 years
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    Ok it happened... am I ****ed?

    I don't blame you, this was bound to happen. Raw dog, creampie?
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    BPD ex returned with his new GF

    OP, the best revenge is living well. Plenty of fish in the sea, majority without bpd.
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    New female house mate

    What devilking said.
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    Calling all female posters

    OP, I am the guy at work in your case. Obviously not that person, but figuratively. AJ is right about the context for the guy. What will help your sister is to show interest in two or more separate occasions, so the guy gets the point that she is interested more than friends. Btw men don't...
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    New female house mate

    OP is going through an experience and is telling us about it in detail. Let's not be hypocrites and blame the guy for thoughts and actions that all of us have.
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    New female house mate

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    New female house mate

    Good idea, not confronting the issue right away will also get hamster spinning, assuming she thinks the other guy will make you jealous or get a reaction out of you..
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    New female house mate

    "Next time you bring a guest, let me know through a message" In this way you assert your ownership of the house and not appear affected by her dude. Also if she supposes anything, it will be her assumption, not yours.
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    New female house mate

    She is a woman, likely will take the Sophie announcement as a payback for her bringing the random dude, Also if you talk about responsibility, your house (which are true), she will also take that as butthurt because of the dude. My advice is not to talk in these terms, but rather let her know...
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    Girl at work

    There is definitely something. She likes you and wants to connect. It is up to you to open, she will keep doing that while her interest is high. I have the exact same situation at work as you, since more than a year. I haven't made a move because of work issues, but I kept engaging lightly and...
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    New female house mate

    I think you are doing the right thing so far. Best not to get drunk or high and become soft towards her. Women sense sh1t even when sober :)
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    When a girl holds her guy's hand

    She is telling you she is taken. Peacocking