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    Good places to meet good women

    Hi Zimbabwe; "Agree with this, the same people that also recommend gym and salsa classes. People just get in and get out, no room for any REAL socialising."Sorry mate you live in a different Australia to me...Salsa classes?...Yeah couple of years ago I attended classes,they were conducted at a...
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    Does living in colder places become harder as we get older?

    Hi Orbit, Though I live in an equable climate have to agree with Mike that extremes in hot weather knock you about more....Being riddled with Arthritis I must also agree with Forcerecon that the extremes of cold really create issues in the joints,but at least you can rug up,and have...
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    Is it even worth it to be in a relationship if the cex is rare or you gotta ask for it?

    Hi Orbit123, " Is getting sex once a week considered pretty average for a long term relationship?"....That's starvation rations!...For a young Woman assuming you meet frequently in a congenial situation 3-4 times a week...In my experience chats,incentives and even ultimatums...
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    Ridiculous how food price in Brazil are rising

    Hi Black Sheep, Carnival was back last night,did you get out your Samba shoes?
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    China Lockdowns

    Hi Haley, Yes you are right about Chinese Women....every little block of units or apartments has its own neighborhood watch leader,a cadre,they are always Women appointed by the local Party and are regular little Busy Bodies....Every Household has a little book in which visitors...
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    China Lockdowns

    Hi So Suave, Don't fret I am sure these are isolated incidents...My principal Love interest has a Brother and three friends in Shanghai,she is in contact with all of them on a regular basis...They are doing OK not even grumbling...The Chinese have a different mindset to...
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    Good places to meet good women

    Hi Orbit 123, I am sure we would all love to hear your experiences with the Ladies from the Jail.
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    Objective: The Man Who Could Cheat Death!

    Hi Victory, Great to see you are still in there and kicking...Battered but unbowed...You are here but what became of "Iqqi"?
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    Most relationships don't work, so what is one to do?

    Hi SW15, "...men in longer term relationships think they have to propose marriage to keep her around longer. What they often don't realize is that a good portion of the shelf life of goodness of the relationship has already passed by the time they propose and the wedding day...
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    Most relationships don't work, so what is one to do?

    Hey Missouri," I'm a self made multi millionaire"....So what's that all about?....Bitcoin? or p'raps you found Montezumas lost Treasure digging in your Dads Spud patch?
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    At what age do women start to look bad?

    Hi Orbit, "At what age do women look bad to you?"...To take you literally,you will have to ask an Older Man tham me LOL... Ramjit Raghav in India ,Fathered a sprog at 96,so better ask someone older than him too!
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    If true…

    Oh Zimbabwe, No country that can create the Bacon,Tomato and Lettuce Sandwich deserves your Prayer "... that Russia or China just Nuke America into oblivion"
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    Do you ever tell them about the "other women" you're seeing ?

    Hi Hamilton, I trust the judgement of Kipling,his "Maxims of Haziz"should be compulsory reading for all aspirant DJ's...take this one..." If there be trouble to Herward, and a lie of the blackest can clear, Lie, while thy lips can move or a man is alive to hear"Herward...
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    Ukraine Ready for Peace Talks with Russia

    Hi All, And poor bvgger me thought this was about Ukraine?
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    How can one strategically avoid a girl without coming off as a douche...?

    Hi Harrison, Yes you are overplaying this....The best you may hope for is to be "Friend Zoned"...Still what's the harm in just being a good bloke?...See her as you might see the pretty Girl behind the Bar at your club....Life is long you never know what can happen down the line.