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Recent content by Roober

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    Roober growth journal

    Well, It has been a while with COVID, and it sort of just put things on hold. I don't really have excuses as I have whittled my time down at work to ridiculously low and efficient levels. Twitter has certainly become a new addiction of mine, and I really need to just stop. I suppose it is that...
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    When she pulls back.

    When she gets cold, you go Sub-Zero!
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    Why do girls not want to break up directly?

    I think the bolded is a much larger reason than anything else offered on this thread. Just take a moment to think about how many men here on SS commit cringeworthy acts when they get dumped? Its no wonder women ghost men... Many men get absolutely crazy when they get dumped/ghosted/or cheated on.
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    I have really big depression

    There are many natural remedies for bouts of depression. I would suggest that you get a chemical test, can't remember the name, to see if it is biological or psychological. If you're levels are mostly normal or "within range", then try the following... 1. Remember that men go through stages as...
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    Should I break up with my gf (30) for being a brat?

    I can't comprehend sure how ghosting a woman for three weeks even qualifies as a relationship... And while it is unfortunate with your family, every person with a cell phone understands how long it takes to send a text message, pick up the phone, or even email...
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    How to initiate dread in the post-cvoid world

    If you are living a full and goal-oriented life, you don't need to artificially manufacture "dread" by employing tactics to manipulate her feelings. Instead, the thought of losing a man who is successful, spontaneous, and highly desirable will be an effect of your lifestyle. Consequently, some...
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    Covid-19 Testing & Dating?

    It's seems reasonable to ask if they have any symptoms. If they don't, your likely good to go. The science is all over the place on asymptomatic spreaders, but is leaning more towards asymptomatic people not spreading the disease.
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    Divorce, 50/50?

    It's sort of a double edged sword. On one end, I agree. The other side is that if you do live together, she is paying a part of your mortgage and is supporting the home. I believe that she should be entitled to some amount of equity that is gained while living there. I'm not saying half or even...
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    Why be with men?

    A man needs balance with the way he treats a/his woman. He must invoke the feelings of an alternate state of mind, or provide the feelings of someone she is not. In no particular order, a man should make a woman feel like a... -Daughter -Lady -***** Significant imbalance in any of these three...
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    Divorce, 50/50?

    Everything you've acquired before the marriage is yours... As long as you keep it separate. I'm in California. Most men get mixed up with putting her name on property, vehicles, etc. A spouse has no business even requesting that they be put on their partners property acquired before marriage as...
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    Completely f*cked up with hot girl

    Too many words for a woman you haven't fvcked... Ask her out, anything other than a yes is a no
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    Things were so ON! Then something changed.

    This has to be a troll...
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    People scared of strong young men

    You must be lying, this never happens to a white man with oodles of privilege *Sarcasm*
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    Responses for when they say "You are too young"

    Are you referring to 10+ years? I would think less years would make the argument negligible. When I was dating, I didn't have that experience. Most of the women I saw were pretty sufficient on their own. But I was wasn't going for the hot barista who brings nothing to the table.
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    Responses for when they say "You are too young"

    Ive been pondering the idea of age, at which point I have two hypothesis about how I would advise those looking for an LTR/family, and likely how I will guide my boys... 1. Both sexes should limit the gap to 5-10 years. Obviously, this is not hard science, but good as a general rule. When you...