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Recent content by Roober

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    cars that women love

    Tricked out imports and muscle cars will likely draw more attention from men than women. I would say chick magnets would be obvious high end sports cars (Ferrari, lambo, etc) and European cars such as Mercedes and BMW. I would also agree a bit on Tesla just because they are uncommon and just...
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    Does the dating pool get smaller as you get older?

    The guys on that show were pathetic...
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    Does the dating pool get smaller as you get older?

    Younger women will date older men, therefore I would say it peaks around 35-40, then gradually tapers afterwards.
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    How Serious Is This Disrespect?

    I know there's a lot of nuance to these situations, but here's the details I got... a. First date solid b. Texting c. Second date and time set d. SF sends random text Wednesday, not to confirm date, just chatting e. Plate doesn't respond till Friday f. SF has made other plans It sounded like...
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    buying near the bottom

    From what I understand, your never going to time it perfectly, so it's best to just start making regular investments while it's low. My question though... Where do you buy? Index funds? Mutual funds?
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    Trash talking ex

    I often take the high road with exes, coworkers, family and friends... Regardless of what they have done to me in the past. Talking trash is the result of harboring anger and resentment, which means they are renting real estate in your heart and mind. And this is rent free. I do not approve of...
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    So I finally got engaged

    Congrats! What was the deciding factor(s)?
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    Men, why do you do this after a first date?

    If he runs his own business and frequently has to work extra hours, I doubt a woman with lukewarm interest draws much attention. He will likely be more attentive when he gets more time or you put in more. From an outsider, he seems insecure to repeatedly ask "are you okay?" It's very likely...
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    Plate went on vacation

    I once had a plate whom I chatted briefly via text and then had a great date, no sex. She went on vacation for a month. She sent a couple pics and some sporadic messages during the trip, to which I replied stupid nonsense. When she returned, I reached out, asked her about the trip, setup a date...
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    Infidelity Report

    It's quite simple... Her statements about her husband are lies
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    [POLL] Political stance?

    Interesting perspective on the judges. It is quite odd a singular issue, being abortion, seems to drive the USSC nominations. In reality, that is a very small percentage of issues they deal with. Like you, I also don't like the divide, but both sides just keep throwing more fuel on the fire. I...
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    Rating HB women. Different guys different ranks.

    It's mostly subjective, but a hot body and great smile is usually at least good for a 6. I believe a great personality can also make a woman a bit more attractive as well. Above 6.5 is mostly based on good genetics... I believe this is where men have advantage. An unattractive man can escalate...
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    [POLL] Political stance?

    That's good. I'm not one for groups either, but it sounds like you're in the middle. The -ism seems to fall more on the ends of the spectrum. Thanks for sharing
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    [POLL] Political stance?

    I am curious where the general political compass of the board. I am not asking who you support for president or specific policies, but just where everyone generally lines up on the scale. I know I didn't include every possible option, but I feel like I see 4 major groups generally in politics...
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    Is there any truth to the phrase “out of your league”?

    Yes and no... She will be out of your league if you are not the best version of yourself. If you have maximized your mind, body, wealth, and status, leagues don't exist.