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Recent content by Roober

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    Q: Dude snapchatting my GF...

    I really like how you flipped it back on her. I typically let them make the choices though... "Do you want me to block him?" "You're a grown azz woman, I'm not going to tell you what to do." He is not snapping her, she is ALLOWING IT to happen. A good and loyal woman does not invite attention...
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    Have you ever hit a woman?

    Never. Even the self defense argument is debatable, considering how much larger and stronger men are than women. You are very likely to be able to subdue her without hurting her. For example, most women I've dated are about 100-130 lbs. They possess what I would guess is 1/3 of my strength...
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    Being with one Woman...

    You will ALWAYS want other women. Any man that suggests otherwise is either a) completely dishonest, or b) has serious masculinity issues. With that said, it's not a matter of desiring other women, it is a matter of not acting on it. It's also a matter of not putting yourself in situations to...
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    I ****ed up

    Lick you wounds, and move on to the next one...
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    Is this the Best Way To Avoid Divorce R****?

    If your going to be with a woman and want to get married, then just do it. Going in with the mindset of pre-emptive failure is a tactic to protect a fragile psyche.
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    Power in a relationship and ultimatums about marriage etc

    Your approach may change over time, however, it is important that you always think of what you want, not what she wants... If you don't want kids, she's free to make whatever choice she seems necessary If you don't want to get married, she's free to do whatever she wants If she wants into...
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    Is going back to a woman that cheated ALWAYS beta?

    Beta or not, I personally think the terms are absurd... If the man is old, and believes he has no better options than an unfaithful woman, he is a failure.
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    Not letting feedback from women affect self worth..

    Best way to get over one, is to get on top of another
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    What to say and do when ur GF breaks up w u?

    "okay" Then you ghost her from every aspect of your life. If you live together, call a moving company and schedule a day ASAP. I don't want her friends coming to my place and I don't want her trying to take any of my ****. If it's not your place, and you mistakenly signed a lease with her...
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    What's the best way to ask a girl out over text

    Not typically... I know people don't like Corey Wayne, but his approach on dates is simple... "Create an opportunity for sex to happen" After you've seen her a couple times, mornings are okay. Early on, it's not likely to create an opportunity for sex.
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    What's the best way to ask a girl out over text

    Build a bit of rapport, then keep it simple... "Let's [insert activity]. [Insert time and place]. [Insert something related to the activity]" For example... "Let's go dancing. 7pm at alberto's cantina in mountain view. Wear something sexy." "Let's get sushi. 630pm at angry fish in San Jose...
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    Wannabe Ladies Men, Come Forth

    Good stuff. The only one I am not 100% on board is "keep two in the kitty". It seems contradictory to other commandments. I get the concept, but it seems to place a dependence on women. If you have the other 15, you don't need to have women in waiting because they will come as soon as the...
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    Is "good luck" a soft no?

    One piece of advice has served me well since landing here... Anything other than a "yes" is a "no" Depending on the context of the situation, I will reduce further interactions or withdraw completely.
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    Ok, you asked for it: My Workout Regimen (98% of you won't do it)

    Thanks for sharing the routine!