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Recent content by PRW63

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    A colleague has been bringing food to me at work

    So what? Ignore it. Why expect "Man Logic" from a divorced woman that has one BF and flirts with others? It is what it is,...and always was what it was, ...and it is going to be what it is going to be. Her BF is in the role of "BF". You are in the role of "The other guy". She wants you to stay...
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    The divorced woman on a rebound?

    I did read it. My response is the same. Don't buy into the rebound crap or the soap opera stuff. If you have your act together and she is impressed with you then whe will stay,...if she isn't then she won't. It is no more complicated than that.
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    Woman whispering

    Married one (1986). Divorced the same one (1987) She stayed feral, and died feral (2010). Wrecked her life. Never learned.
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    Woman whispering

    Submit? If you have yourself in order she doesn't have to "submit". She will just willingly follow your lead because it is feminine nature. If she isn't confident in your masculine nature and doesn't trust your decisions, then she is going to fall into her masculine side and attempt to lead...
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    The divorced woman on a rebound?

    Forget the rebound crap. Everyone was with someone before they were with the one they are with. On top of that people monkey branch from the old one to the new one (somehow there is no rebound when they do that???). And then you have the cheaters who cheat, divorce the spouse and move in...
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    Woman whispering

    I watched it. I ended up taking her side of it. She actually seemed reasonable to me.
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    Advice needed M34-F32

    She made it clear she was going to ditch the phone and social media. I cheer her on for her wise choices. Hallelujah for her! But then you continued to reach out to her using the very means she just told you she was going to abandon. (?!?!?) Why didn't you learn the same valuable lesson that...
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    Most girls aren't into hooking up on the first date.

    Yea. Most. But you'd be surprised at how many you think are part of that "most",...when they are really part of "the rest". The slutty ones are easy to spot, but the others it isn't so obvious. You be surprised what you see if you stay all the way till the band stops playing and the ones who...
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    Accepting BS - where to draw the line

    Hmm. I'm on the fence with this one. If the tables were turned you would have been just as ticked off and she was, so you really can't blame her for it, and I doubt you would have apologized after, while she did. So if the situation were completely reversed, I think she handled it more...
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    An almost complete list of where a lot of people are from...

    PRW63 Illinois (but bmost of "social life" in Missouri around St Louis)
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    Men are not emotionally mature

    This is seen also in their dualistic Hypergamy. They look for the Alpha, the "Hawt Guy", for genes and strong babies, and for his physical protection. They look for the Beta Provider for resources and financial security/protection. In the past, you used to be able to find both in the same...
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    IL too low from the get-go?

    I like that. The 1st date is basically a glorified job interview,...it ain't a "relationship" and shouldn't be treated like one.
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    IL too low from the get-go?

    She is aggressive,...on OLD of all things. That means she probably has 50 guys lined up because no guy is going to turn her down. You may be number 37. Personally I don't really believe she is an "8",...an "8" would never be aggressive,...no need to be,...in fact she would be the opposite in...
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    How Important Is A Muscular Body?

    I'm not going to say it isn't true, but I will say that it is far more complex that this. If it were truly that simple then only bodybuilders would get the chicks and all the rest would die off out of the population. I'm more muscular in the last couple years than I was in the past, but I...
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    Emotional intimacy

    Yes. But it needs to be defined properly That isn't emotional intimacy. That is just emotionally feminine as it was redefined by feminism as emotional intimacy. We have to stop letting the enemy define the terms. Real emotional intimacy is just having a strong emotional bond with your...