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Recent content by Paradiddle

  1. Paradiddle

    Woman finish fast

    Yes. Trust me. I have banged some broads who don't masturbate and they *** real quick.
  2. Paradiddle

    She broke up with me over text need help.

    To anyone who's visiting this thread, my sincere request is to at least read the 'No Contact Challenge' thread (https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/the-no-contact-challenge-read-this-if-you-just-got-dumped.160056/ ) before jumping into any conclusion or rushing into any thing. This thread had...
  3. Paradiddle

    She broke up with me over text need help.

    Not true. It's never that way. He had already ignored her for 3 days and that had kept her wondering. Now since he has replied, he has given her the power.
  4. Paradiddle

    She broke up with me over text need help.

    Are people even listening here? OP had not responded to the text for 3 days already. Why would he reply with an 'Ok' after 3 days? No reply is the best reply. But since he replied with some cheesy sentences, he's lost the game. I am speaking out of experience.
  5. Paradiddle

    Taking suggestions from girlfriend/wife?

    Haha. Typical Spaz reply.
  6. Paradiddle

    Taking suggestions from girlfriend/wife?

    Is it okay to do so? Do they think they have power over you if you seek for a genuine suggestion regarding your work, moving to a different place to settle or anything else? P.S. please don't reply if you wanna say that men should be decisive, else you're a beta. I'm done with such comments...
  7. Paradiddle

    Practice what you preach?

    Seen lots of people giving suggestions on different topics. I have been coming to this website to seek help whenever I have had doubts. But, the question is, do the suggestions coming from most of the people here are genuine? I mean, I see lots of negativities here. Never ever has someone tried...
  8. Paradiddle

    'How to be a Man' by John Birmingham and Dirk Flinthart

    Just got hold of it from one of my friends. How many of you have read this book? Is this book any good?
  9. Paradiddle

    Next generation of Pooks

    For me it's @Dash Riprock and @billtx49. Others have already been mentioned by some people here, but these two guys are always bang on. They just pop out of nowhere with their one/two liners and bam!, you're ****ing enlightened. No bull****, to the point.
  10. Paradiddle

    Long Distance Relationships

    I'm also expecting some insights from @billtx49 , @Dash Riprock and @BeExcellent in this regard. I would deeply appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance.
  11. Paradiddle

    Long Distance Relationships

    Thank you all for your comments and advices. This will help me, I'm sure. Cheers.
  12. Paradiddle

    Long Distance Relationships

    Makes a lot more sense to me now. Thanks
  13. Paradiddle

    Long Distance Relationships

    I reckon there are two types of long distance relationships then? One's where both have only met online or met for a couple of times and then got separated by distance yet have been talking online, sharing feelings and all. Another one; both in a relationship for a remarkable time and then had...
  14. Paradiddle

    Long Distance Relationships

    Why is it a big 'NO'? Not a single member on this forum approves of it and I just wanted to know the reason.