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Recent content by Modern Man Advice

  1. Modern Man Advice

    “Don’t kiss on the first date unless you know you’ll get laid”

    Honestly, I hadn't thought about this but it makes perfect sense. Learning something new every day. I will implement, and experiment and if works out I will start coaching this concept. The only thing is that as always it is not always one-size-fits-all. You have to be able to read each moment...
  2. Modern Man Advice

    Anyone here likes to go cruising?

    I'm not a veteran and I don't have PTSD. I simply ride because it's a lifestyle, it's who you are. For me, it's a bit different as one of my hobbies is custom building cafe racers and my company is involved with DGR and host the annual event where I live. So you can see motorcycles just became...
  3. Modern Man Advice

    What is the definition of masculinity/ masculine energy/ frame?

    Being a man was, is, and will always be a matter of choice and everyday actions. As Brett perfectly laid out years ago in the video that 2Rocky shared, there are vast differences in how masculinity can be perceived and defined as in society. Truth is: 1) Being born a male does not make you a...
  4. Modern Man Advice

    Fact or Bullshvt: Girls make certain guys wear condoms?

    It has definitely been a mixed bag for me. Some have simply said, I'm on the pill so it doesn't matter let's go for it. Some asked for it but don't seem too strict about it with the typical "just the tip" stuff. Some are more strict and even carry their own condoms. The last girl that came over...
  5. Modern Man Advice

    Divorce in 2 weeks, haven't seen the kids in 6 months

    I can tell you that seeking legal advice in an online forum is not the best approach. If there is a lawyer present, and furthermore a lawyer that specializes in family cases and your country, I'd be astonished. A small group of members here can only speak from experience which is what will...
  6. Modern Man Advice

    I’m getting real sick of hearing how men are inferior to women

    The truth is that yes as far as "equality" whether it is regarding gender, race, or socioeconomic status, there are definitely gaps and holes. One of the issues is that most people do not understand what "equality" exactly means and entails. The second issue is that the search for "equality"...
  7. Modern Man Advice

    Game development // approach log

    Welcome, brother. Excited to see your journey. Stay true to yourself. Modern Man Advice
  8. Modern Man Advice

    What Are the Dangers of a High Notch Count for Men?

    "High notch count" for men comes from two factors: 1) Retrograde mindset - We are not cavemen anymore, our children have plenty of chances of survival. There is no actual reason why men must continue spreading as many "seeds" as possible and secure the passing on of our genes. 2)...
  9. Modern Man Advice

    Lost custody by court order

    As stated before, unfortunately, society continues to show us that men must go above and beyond to prove they are abused or they are in the right. That is not the case for women. It has continued to be proven that a woman can simply say the words and society will be on her side. False...
  10. Modern Man Advice

    What should i do about my wife?

    Let's put it this way, your son will be more proud and have more respect for you if you make yourself be respected. Dignity and respect among many, many others are important aspects of positive masculinity. You've already lowered yourself plenty of times in the past, the last thing your son...
  11. Modern Man Advice

    Whats YOUR law (of attraction) when it comes to women( and life in general ?)

    Most of us desire this amazing woman, job, house, or life in general without first building ourselves up or going through those really bad moments and coming out a stronger/better man. Everything in life is ruled by frequencies, if your mindset, thoughts, and life are on a low frequency do not...
  12. Modern Man Advice

    After almost a year of NC, my ex sent me a text

    See highlighted above ^ Modern Man Advice
  13. Modern Man Advice

    How to win in life ?

    I can tell you this from a business perspective but it applies to life just the same: Start With Why I learned this through a book I read with that same name (reading is one of my daily habits). To illustrate my point, in business, many companies focus on the "what" aka the product or service...
  14. Modern Man Advice

    Zero Tolerance On Flaking

    It's one of my pet peeves and non-negotiables. It's a sign of disrespect and I do not allow it. Even with asking a girl out, I have rules. I'll ask once, maybe twice if in the first invite she has a solid reason to not be able to get together and offers an alternative. But generally speaking...
  15. Modern Man Advice

    Girls wants to be texting buddies?

    I know you are looking for an analysis of her mindset, but trust me you are wasting your time. No point in trying to understand what she may or may not be thinking. First off because we would all be guessing. Second, because making that effort and knowing will not help you as it is not a...