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  1. Modern Man Advice

    Does anyone here have sisters?

    This made me laugh for some reason, I think it was the AOL. I can still remember the ring. Anyway, this is probably the best here so far. Especially this line: "The phone calls ended with "love you too" late at night around 11pm or so only to get on AOL and chat some guys to meet up with them...
  2. Modern Man Advice

    Books on sexual dominance

    Good thread. To me is more instinctual and subjective (woman to woman) so I don't have any recommendations but def tagging myself here for updates. It'd be great to see what other members can share that we can use. Modern Man Advice
  3. Modern Man Advice

    Any of you guys ever play the role of sugar baby (www.seeking.com)lol

    While it may sound appealing to some, the truth is: Money comes and goes. Your time does not. Value it a little and yourself while you are it. Those are my thoughts. Men should be striving for a higher purpose, anything outside of that is detrimental for you as a man, for those around you, and...
  4. Modern Man Advice

    Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice

    Not sure about that specific diet but I do believe at least in meal prepping. In my experience, being intentional with your meals is critical to your overall health. I used to eat without reason or rhyme, and it showed in my physical performance (I'm an athlete and compete). It was also very...
  5. Modern Man Advice

    Girl admits to me she's breaking up with her bf

    If we have learned one thing all this time about women is that their words often do not match their actions and true motives. You are giving her free attention, as others stated, escalate to gauge her true intent. If she doesn't reciprocate, move on, you are wasting your time there. Modern...
  6. Modern Man Advice

    APA designates traditional masculinity harmful to boys

    They are idiots and imbeciles. Treat them as such: Ignore, be the better person, and walk your path. Remember, focus only on what you can't control. Influence and uplift those around you. Modern Man Advice
  7. Modern Man Advice

    Time to debunk "The Wall", the biggest cope among the manosphere

    I agree the wall applies to both sexes, just not sure about the wall being 90% about weight. I thought this whole time, the wall as strictly referred to intersexual dynamics/procreation when a person is not on prime condition to procreate which is the nature and ultimate goal of humanity. So...
  8. Modern Man Advice

    Weird girl

    As a few members have stated, I do not (personally) find her weird for that hat comment. If all your pics are of you on a hat, it is only natural for a woman to want to ask. Whether she will find baldness (which you have stated you are not) attractive or not, she is looking to see what you fully...
  9. Modern Man Advice

    What should he do

    Let's put it this way: Sometimes the only way to learn is by making mistakes. Let him make his. Modern Man Advice
  10. Modern Man Advice

    Contributing to someone "breaking with their beliefs"

    I literally just went through this so I can give you some insight. Religious beliefs are tricky. Especially between two human beings. Rarely, even if in the same religion two people will see eye to eye in every single belief, philosophy, practice, etc. Religions, like any other social...
  11. Modern Man Advice

    (I ****ed up) Saw the girl with some other guy, and reacted the wrong way.

    Hope this is not too late but simply act if that didn't happen. Do not bring it up unless she does. But yes, escalate asap. Modern Man Advice
  12. Modern Man Advice

    Why do women go back to an ex who beat them?

    Might be related to how their dad treated them and finding comfort zone within that. Modern Man Advice
  13. Modern Man Advice

    Girl you’ve been seeing ex calls her out of the blue

    I think that's pretty case by case. To me, it is a red flag and speaks to her mindset as @catsmeow stated. Is it a deal-breaker? That is ultimately such a personal decision. Because while others might find it disrespectful and distasteful to attempt to arise jealousy in you and decide to...
  14. Modern Man Advice

    Are toxic men the product of women mistreating guys in general

    I agree with @2Rocky here. That is a weak mentality. So first off, defining "toxic" is important. That in itself is a beast of a discussion but it is important because what society has dimmed toxic is ironically toxic within of itself. But let's say we have an idea of what "toxic men" refers...
  15. Modern Man Advice

    Girl you’ve been seeing ex calls her out of the blue

    @Robert28 this ^^ I would ignore it, and act if she hadn't mentioned it in the first place. But keep in mind this is a red flag as far as her thought process and behavior. Modern Man Advice