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Recent content by Juanto

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    Artificial pheromones - Real science or pseudo science?

    Related to this topic, do you think women can feel and get aroused if you are having sex with more women during that period you meet a new one?
  2. J

    Are young Men really choosing games over relationships ?

    What I would say first of all is that this guy, better bachelor, is one of those negative mgtows that makes a living out of complaining about anything and everything. Not my cup Of tea
  3. J

    How to proceed here

    as an update, we did meet up last night, and had a fun night, ending up with sex. Really appreciated your advice til now, having a good (even if virtual) mens community available is so valuable.
  4. J

    Why do women go back to an ex who beat them?

    what happened here, from a red pill lens?
  5. J

    How to proceed here

    Actually I did. She said she couldnt come yesterday, but asked me if I was available either thursday or friday. I said friday and we have agreed on this day.
  6. J

    How to proceed here

    Funny, she just texted me asking how my weekend was, to which I replied briefly it was fine, how about yours? Her reply was just that she had to study, but no mention to our dinner date tomorrow, whether she will come or not. I reckon I should just ignore and move on
  7. J

    How to proceed here

    she did, I know enough to realize that. Could I be wrong? Sure, i can. But i don’t think I am. I do get your point though, even if she did she may have not enjoyed to the fullest
  8. J

    How to proceed here

    This will be my next reply, if she ever reaches out again to me. Thanks batsoup
  9. J

    How to proceed here

    Thanks for the tips, some really good insights here. Its not THAT far, maybe I should have been more specific. The distance is 15KM from her place to my place. Could be the case, yes. But the date was for us to have dinner together, before the sex
  10. J

    How to proceed here

    I have a question on how to proceed in this situation with this girl. I´ve had sex twice with this one (I am 39 and she is 35) and both times she c*m. We had scheduled for next tueday dinner at my place followed by a massage. Friday she tells me that her car broke down and because of that she...
  11. J

    What motivates women to insist or suggest a dinner first date?

    usually my first dates are around 1 hour, so I reckon there is time for some kino on a 1st date
  12. J

    What motivates women to insist or suggest a dinner first date?

    I tend to agree with this for sure, only slight adjustment I would make is to add some kino and see if she complies (like for example touching her hand and checking if she backs off or maintains contact). What do you think about this mikedee?
  13. J

    How women block escalation

    Had this happen to me in my last date, and of course it turned out she wasnt interested in me
  14. J

    Do you Pay for First Dates?

    Rule of Thumb - make all initial dates (especially the ones before sex) the cheapest possible, meaning coffee, beer, something like that. And yes, on those dates, pay for those small things. If these expenses are an issue for you, then you have bigger problems to handle first.