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Recent content by Jor-El

  1. Jor-El

    Artificial pheromones - Real science or pseudo science?

    Iv no idea of the science,but,i think common sense alone tells you its shyte....iv seen adverts for this and they are so over the top they defy belief,pretty much saying that if you spray on this stuff ul never sleep alone again no matter what your look,height,weight,personality....it defies...
  2. Jor-El


    Welcome to dating! Ha. try lighten the mood by adding an L to the end of PMS ;)
  3. Jor-El

    Why Are Females So Into Horses?

    Well...certainly not a "shire" horse :lol:
  4. Jor-El

    Talking and whispering during sex

    Il never forgot those little 3 words I whispered into the ear of the girl I lost my virginity to..."keep the change"
  5. Jor-El

    Talking and whispering during sex

    If you do the same thing every time,it becomes predictable,and lose its effect....vary it up
  6. Jor-El

    Being around unattractive men increase chance of rejection?

    I cant be alone in wondering what this "physical defect" was. Or maybe its a quiet night :lol:
  7. Jor-El

    <article> The Future of Flaking will be Costly

    Yep,but,you can still say no,or,if you cant make it after you have accepted,let them know...its basic good manners
  8. Jor-El

    <article> The Future of Flaking will be Costly

    I think its fair enough! If you havent the guts to say no,or at least decline in time,then you get all you deserve
  9. Jor-El

    On Buzzfeed - Here Are The Reasons You Need To Add Pegging To Your Relationship

    Its sounds like its not the only thing she broadened!
  10. Jor-El

    80 year old neighbour is beautiful

    What if you are 80+ and like older women ? Are you looking at doing corpses ha ha
  11. Jor-El

    Just saw a 50 year old lady wearing short shorts at the supermarket

    Think this a textbook case of paralysis by analysis
  12. Jor-El


    Depends how much it bothers you...transplant is an option if you are suitable and have the money. There are a couple of threads on this if you search.if not,buzz it off,and be proud! Ha
  13. Jor-El

    As I Get older

    As "the wall" nears,the entitlement (mixed with regret) increases!
  14. Jor-El

    Fat girls

    Just grease the door frame and put a cake on the other side,she`l soon be in your house
  15. Jor-El

    Don't want to text or speak with gf on her bday

    Space & distance