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Recent content by Howiestern

  1. Howiestern

    The psychology behind it all?

    In the book Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars it talks about this in the context of how women deal with problems. They form groups and/or use other individuals to offload stress. Men don't. Men isolate and use physical activity to blow off steam.
  2. Howiestern

    Do crazy girls get worse with age?

    After dating girls of all ages from 20-47. I'd say the peak of crazy happens in the mid 30's. It seems its when they begin to realize their looks are fading, don't get what they want as easily, not as much attention from men, financial issues, baby daddy issues, kid issues, career lagging...
  3. Howiestern

    What have you achieved during lockdown?

    I remodeled my kitchen. Painted walls, new floor, sanded and painted cabinets, new light fixtures. Took about $1100. Looks as good as what you see in magazines now.
  4. Howiestern

    Where do you meet exceptionally good looking girls?

    The hottest collection of women are always at the trendiest upscale bars and/or where the men with money hang out.
  5. Howiestern

    what is a good count for sexual partners a woman has?

    Here's what I have noticed over the years from women in the 30-45 age group. -If she hasn't been in long term relationships then she has likely had too much cahk. -The more emotional/irrational she is, the more cahk she's had. -If her father was absent in her childhood she's had a lot...
  6. Howiestern

    Bumble Gold

    All bumble gold did for me was save me time from having to swipe so much. It also put a lot of ugly girls in my view. Waste of money.
  7. Howiestern

    Girl withheld information from me

    I wouldn't believe any of her story.
  8. Howiestern

    Is my plate broken?

    Hit her up in a week. If you were good enough she'll take you up when she has no options and gets horny. I've had them tell me I was a horrible person and contact me 1-2wks later. :D Never take what women say so seriously. They are emotional creatures.
  9. Howiestern

    Difficult girl on tinder

    Ask yourself this...If I was George Clooney, would she have gone out with me or gone to her party? And its highly likely she could have gone out on a date with you before her party! Girls with low interest always behave this way.
  10. Howiestern

    How to turn an ex girlfriend into a plate?

    It usually ends up in some form of drama and their feelings get hurt especially if they cared for you and you ended it. Its like a wound that struggles to heal.
  11. Howiestern

    Men, why do you do this after a first date?

    ok then he isn't that interested in you. Women are famous for behaving this way....why are you surprised?
  12. Howiestern

    Gun ownership

    I own several guns used for target shooting & hunting. I took the concealed carry class and decided not to apply for my license. After hearing the law enforcement instructors tell stories of intruders vs. concealed carry shooters, I decided it was too much legal responsibility. One thing is...
  13. Howiestern

    Men, why do you do this after a first date?

    I don't see any issues with him. If he chased after you too hard you would be complaining about that too. You are basically disappointed that he hasn't contacted you to set up date #2 within 2 days? lol. You're thinking too much.
  14. Howiestern

    Word to the wise... If you don't close (sex) on the first date, don't bother looking for a second.

    Women aren't black and white, thats why I never liked these hard line rules. Its mental masturbation. More than once I've proven every one of these wrong before. So much of what a woman does and the way a man perceives the interaction is related to her interest level.
  15. Howiestern

    Interesting Cold Approach over the weekend

    Buying girls takes no skill, there is no game. It doesn't set myself apart from the crowd. I'd never want someone to be interested in me because of my money. For me its about seduction, charm, improving my skills, conquering, getting better women, never being satisified/wanting more...