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Recent content by Grounded eagle

  1. Grounded eagle

    Why Alpha, Beta, and Sigma males are nothing but brainwashing sales tactics

    Alpha, beta,sigma etc are just words.The words themselves are not important.What is more important is what the words imply.What they mean.And the dynamics they espouse are real,like it or not. Going off what you’ve spoken about in your post,you have a simplistic view of the whole alpha...
  2. Grounded eagle

    Is (Girl/Group) Gossip About You A Bad Thing?

    In my experience,it’s never been a problem being gossiped about by girls.For me and for other players I know.Of course that’s highly dependent on what it is the girls are saying about you,but I would say that the fact that you’re being discussed at all is a good thing.It means you have a social...
  3. Grounded eagle

    New movement on social media makes the #Metoo movement look like Kindergarten

    The elation I’ll feel when this so called “strike” fails for reasons we all know will know no bounds. I also think that for the men out there with any sense,this should open their eyes as to how women weaponize their gender. More likely,though,that there will be multitudes of pathetic excuses...
  4. Grounded eagle

    When on a Date… Sit Beside Her or Sit Across from Her?

    I always like sitting beside her because kino is basically effortless that way.Eye contact is just as effortless as if she was sitting across from you.But the best thing for me is the proximity,which makes creating intimacy easy. You’d have to really be slow witted to be unable to create a...
  5. Grounded eagle

    Observations about college sex life from someone that went to a party school.

    I was an athlete at a party school, and if you want to have THAT kind of social life you actually do have to make time for and put effort into making it happen.The status helps a ton,but ultimately means nothing if your days start at 5:30 am and end close to midnight,only to have to do it all...
  6. Grounded eagle

    Is it normal to only sleep with one girl in high school?

    You should consider that there are a lot of guys who go through high school with a grand total of zero lays.Probably the majority,in fact.So it may not be the best,but it’s definitely not the worst.
  7. Grounded eagle

    After almost a year of NC, my ex sent me a text

    I have been in this exact situation.Not too long ago actually. She wanted my new number. I gave it to her without fuss,and without much of a goal in mind other than plating her.Unfortunately,all the reasons we parted ways were still a factor. It was reaffirmed for me that exes are never worth...
  8. Grounded eagle

    Why older women get furious at men their age dating younger

    They don’t like it because they’re confronted with the reality that they’re no longer as desirable as they used to be,and are thus unable to hold the attention of men their own age. It makes them uncomfortable.It makes them angry.
  9. Grounded eagle

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    Dump this broad ASAP. There are girls out there who know how to act.
  10. Grounded eagle

    Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey Break Up

    Most definitely poor game on MJB’s part.Lori Harvey’s THOT tendencies were well documented before they got into a relationship.This is a guy who had women of all shapes and sizes all over the world swooning for him, and yet he chose to get with a girl like her.That’s why there was outcry when...
  11. Grounded eagle

    It happened again…

    Probably forgot to hop onto one of his alt accounts first.
  12. Grounded eagle

    Future Zoom debate with Pan87 - All are invited

    I know I’m kinda late to the party,but is anyone genuinely surprised that Pan chickened out?
  13. Grounded eagle

    This is why it’s important to spin plates:Part 2

    The old thread I had going on this was locked.https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/this-is-why-it%E2%80%99s-important-to-spin-plates.273690/ I suggest reading it for context. Long story short,she came back around.She started by blocking me and unfollowing me on all social media,but she was...
  14. Grounded eagle

    Good advice from a 95 year old WWII veteran.

    Most people who bash that advice either can’t or won’t do it.Or both.
  15. Grounded eagle

    Girl never texts first always responds.

    A 24 year old 8 with whom you have great chemistry and sex on demand who is content to have inexpensive drinks with you, and yet you’re flipping out because she never texts first? Come on,man.