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  1. Glassguy


    For a man who isnt freaking out about it you sure typed out a lot of details. If you sent her something, and she didnt respond, you wait. After several days you can ping her again. At that point if she doesnt respond back enthusiastically and in a decent amount of time, move on.
  2. Glassguy

    How Do I Proceed With This Chick?

    I would simply back off now. If she begs for it, give it to her. If not, you more than likely dodged a major bullet.
  3. Glassguy

    Home Ownership and Game

    If you can afford buying something nice, buy. Paying rent is throwing money away and there is zero equity. You should do it for that reason alone because its a financial long term benefit to you, not doing it just to impress some chick. As with all good decisions of self improvement and self...
  4. Glassguy

    How Do I Proceed With This Chick?

    Agreed. This woman is obviously older, emotions all over the place.......she should either be making sex EASY for you or RUN away. I would not entertain such a woman for any amount of attention but if you choose to do so, chasing her is not a good route to take.
  5. Glassguy

    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    This woman has been getting railed by another dude. Sucking his dic. Then comes home to you and kisses you. The worst disrespect possible. And you're worried about what she thinks about you? And worried about how SHE FEELS? You haven't learned much and you've been here for YEARS. THIS ENDS...
  6. Glassguy

    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    You dont follow instructions very well. There should be ZERO discussion at this point and she should be on the streets.
  7. Glassguy

    Part two with the chick that works for me...

    Not sure what your question is and not sure why you want to even think of screwing around with a chick at work.
  8. Glassguy

    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    I would bet that she has been fvcking him. Probably longer than care to know about. Eject and move on.
  9. Glassguy

    5 Steps to Avoiding the Friend Zone

    I didn't watch the video but here are my 3 steps to avoid friend zone that you can learn in 30 seconds of reading this post. 1. If I am interested I invite the woman to meet up for a drink. If she for any reason doesnt accept or counter offer for a specific time, she never hears from me again...
  10. Glassguy

    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    Excellent advise. OP- you've been on this forum for 8 years. You know what to do. Be calm and tell her its over. No need for a discussion because what's done is done. Get her out of your life asap. Think of her as lint in your pocket. Throw her away because she is doing you no benefit...
  11. Glassguy

    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    Tell her its over and get her tf out of your place. She is 100% screwing the other dude.
  12. Glassguy

    when she reaches out and says she miss me??wtf

    Me too. Its awesome. And it pisses them off but then they chase.
  13. Glassguy

    when she reaches out and says she miss me??wtf

    Response: "Sorry I dont recognize the number. Who is this?"
  14. Glassguy

    Have you ever hit a woman?

    No. Never will. Never understood men who cant control their own emotions and simply walk away from a woman that makes them want to hit her.
  15. Glassguy

    Being nice has gotten me so much further with women

    You can "act nice" and still have high standards, put up with ZERO bullshyt, have a strong frame and make decisions that are for YOUR best interest. I don't know any women that are really attracted to people who are mean and miserable. Enthusiastic, positive, ****y, confident and on your...