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Recent content by Glassguy

  1. Glassguy

    Forum content just getting worse

    Frustrated men, betas, cucks, etc would all rather rage type about how poor women are on a anonymous forum than do what needs to be done to counteract what is happening to them (rejection, blown off, being flaked on, etc.) Why? Because they dont want to put the hard work into bettering...
  2. Glassguy

    My Social Media/OLD Experiment: Findings So Far

    You just dont get it. It doesnt matter what the small talk is. All that matters is how she responds. Thats all that matters. You can also open with "Do you want to fvck" but I dont think you will yield good results.
  3. Glassguy

    My Social Media/OLD Experiment: Findings So Far

    The great thing about fb is you can see their pics, what they enjoy doing, mutual friends, etc. I will just throw a quick question out there and EVERYTHING forward is based on their response. Example 1: Me: Hey whats up Her: Not much! Just working. What about you? Me: Same....out here saving...
  4. Glassguy

    My Social Media/OLD Experiment: Findings So Far

    First off, solid thread/report. I think you have realized that most women on IG love to have their validation fed and they are on there for that validation, not dates/sex. Secondly, not only with OLD but with any first interaction, less is often more. For me a simple "Hey whats up" yields much...
  5. Glassguy

    Are toxic men the product of women mistreating guys in general

    This ^^^. Nobody is being held at gunpoint to stick around and let some trashy woman treat them like shyte. Most of the time these men who are beta cucks stick around because they dont have a backbone to leave and put up with it, just like women stay in abusive relationships. Its a major issued...
  6. Glassguy

    Advice: How do I seduce my chiropractor?

    You handled it just fine. There are thousands of other chiropractors out there, just go find another one. She has your contact info through her practice if she changes her mind. Realize that any approach could result in a lay or rejection. It really doesnt matter because its a numbers game...
  7. Glassguy

    Calling Women Out vs. Silent Acceptance

    This ^^^^. You're words mean nothing to someone who doesn't value you or respect you. (low interest women). You're actions define who you are to yourself. Don't waste your time or energy putting a chick on blast. Simply withdraw all attention and move on. If she reaches out later you have the...
  8. Glassguy

    How many women have you had sex with?

    44. I was married for 8 years in my late 20s- early 30s. Had slept with probably 60+ women before I was married. Its not hard bug guy. 10 chicks a year when you're spinning plates is child's play.
  9. Glassguy

    My "Algorithm"

    I've had the occasional head turn. Not many though. I just laugh it off, give her another long hug and try again. Same as you would escalating to sex if she puts up light resistance. After a couple of times with no luck- end the date.
  10. Glassguy

    How many women have you had sex with?

    Sorry "bud".....I would never fvck a hooker. These are all chicks that I have dated, hooked up with or spun as plates. Its not terribly hard if you have a decent SMV and are not scared to approach as a single guy in today's dating world.
  11. Glassguy

    Women Have Infinite Options

    Women THINK they have endless options, but they do not. In reality they only have options that are within their SMV. Women have been brain washed in thinking they have all of these relationship options when in reality they have a bunch of men wanting to pump and dump them. They should thank...
  12. Glassguy

    The world is getting more gay

    I could respond to this thread for days......but I will keep my mouth shut because there is no way for me to be factual and also avoid the political arena and we all know how one or two people on here get all crazy acting when that happens......
  13. Glassguy

    How many women have you had sex with?

    Who knows. Well over 100. Maybe 200? Couldnt even begin to tell how many. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.
  14. Glassguy

    How did you handle your divorce or break up

    Same here. When you sense a relationship is over, its best to move on. A new canvas is much easier to work with than one that has been in and out of the dumpster. It can be scary to cut your losses and move on, but you realize soon after pulling the trigger that it is worth it. Life is too...
  15. Glassguy

    I don't Understand Why Women Do This

    She wanted to spend your money on a more expensive meal. She accomplished this. This is why I dont take women to "expensive" restaurants until things are serious, which they are not with OP and this chick if he doesnt even know her well enough to get taken for a free meal. And for her to want...